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Thursday, April 30, 2009

FEMA Coloring Book Upsets Adults,
Frightens And Scares Children

The Corrupt Pbama Administration is now terrorizing children.

From the NY Daily News:

    The government agency that bungled the Hurricane Katrina response has yanked a kiddie coloring book from its site called "A Scary Thing Happened" that depicts the burning twin towers on the cover - with a plane heading straight for one of them.

    On page 12, the stomach-churning 9/11 image is repeated not once but three times, complete with flames - for kids to color.

    "You might hear about it again and again on the T.V. or radio or read about it in the newspaper," it says on the page.

    The Federal Emergency Management Association pulled the downloadable coloring book from its site last week — before a White House genius gave New York a 9/11 flashback by buzzing the city with one of the presidential planes and an F-16 jet.

    "FEMA is currently reviewing all web content designed and posted by the previous administration," said FEMA spokesman Clark Stevens.

    Meanwhile, New Yorkers who were shown the book saw just one color - red.

    "I feel disrespected," said Jason Owens, 20, of Manhattan, who was with his 3-year-old son. "I feel like I should punch the person who did this in the face."

    Standing with her goddaughter, 43-year-old Risat Jabeen of Brooklyn, said she was shocked FEMA would find it inoffensive.

    "Kids color for fun so these things shouldn't be in coloring books," she said. "So many people died that day."

    Vanessa Bell, 38, of Bronx, said there's no way she'd let her 5-year-old daughter color in that book. "It just makes kids feel depressed," she said.

Actual page from the FEMA coloring book.
Get your crayons, kiddies! Coloring books about tragedies and terrorist attacks are fun!

More on the FEMA coloring book for kids from Infowars:

    ...one page has parents taking the colors away. It’s an illustration of the World Trade Center Towers in New York. One of the towers has smoke coming out of it while a plane looks to be heading towards the other.

    “They like to color happy pictures not pictures like that I don’t think I would like to give my child these kids of pictures to color,said parent Brandy Greer.

Blame Barry. It's his fault. Everything is his fault now.


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A scary thing happened... Barry got elected.
Elected...or stole the election? (Cue dramatic music) ;-)
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