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Thursday, April 30, 2009

58% Against Investigating Bush Admin

Since The Left loves to - when they can - legislate via polls, here's an interesting poll result. We should base legislation on it, no doubt:

58 percent of U.S. voters don't want the Bush Admin investigated for so-called "torture" or other crimes. The Bulletin:

    A Rasmussen poll released last Saturday reveals that 58 percent of U.S. voters do not want investigations into how the Bush administration treated terrorism suspects. President Barack Obama said he opposes such an investigation, but some high-ranking Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are pushing for it.

    Only 28 percent think there should be further investigating of how suspected terrorists were questioned during the Bush years, and 13 percent are not sure, according to the Rasmussen national telephone survey.

    Politically, only the left wing of the Democratic Party believes more investigating is warranted. Fifty-eight percent of liberals support a wider probe, while 78 percent of conservatives disagree.

    Mainstream Democrats are evenly divided over whether further investigation is necessary. Seventy-seven percent of Republicans and 62 percent of unaffiliated voters are against more investigating.


    Fifty-eight percent of all voters believe the Obama White House’s recent release of CIA memos about the harsh interrogation methods used on terrorism suspects endangers the national security of the United States.


Let's see, if my math is right, that's a solid 12 points more than half! What does this tell us? It tells us that any call for an investigation of the Bush Admin is motivated purely by political hatred, continued divisiveness and vengeance on the part of The Pbama Cultists. Why...can't we all MoveOn? It's time to MoveOn...isn't it? Where have we heard that before?

Return to an October, 2008 post citing Battleground poll results showing that
only 9 percent of Americans identify themselves as "very liberal." This is the same, small, insignificant group of haters and pissants who are the little, loyal, blind, unquestioning Jackboot-licking Pbama-worshipping Cultists and Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP). They need to be squashed, just like a bug.

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Are we going to get an investigation of when the democrats trashed the office in 2001 when they lended the powers to the Republican party?
Impeach Barry!
Tym, yeah - honestly, what a great point you make. That's one problem I have with W. Bush, he did zero to prosecute criminals from the Clinton Admin, mainly Bubba and Hillary!
Yes, yes - Molson - IMPEACH HIM!!
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