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Monday, March 16, 2009

Will Afghanistan Be Obama's Waterloo?
Let's Hope So!

Brzezinski and Carter: funding religious fanatics back in 1979.

Afghanistan is where the bloodthirsty anti-war Warmonger Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior has decided to show-off his Military skills to the world. Never mind Pbama doesn't have any Military experience. Never mind that Pbama's Second Banana Herr Biden doesn't have any Military experience. No...they're going to show the world how to win a war in Afghanistan.

You know who does have a lot of military experience in Afghanistan? The Soviets. Yeah. They do. They fought a decade-long losing war there between 1979 to 1986 (some cite 1989 or 1992 as the year of final Russian pull-out). Never mind that the Carter Administration funded radical, religious extremists in Afghanistan.

One would think that if you're going to occupy Afghanistan, you might want to listen to those who actually have the experience of doing it. Oh, no - not if you're The World Messyiah. He knows everything.

Afghanistan under W. Bush has been generally successful because he understood the limitations and restrictions that comes with the territory. We have a centralized government under Afghan President Hamid Karzai and the Parliament, but the realistic scope of law beyond Kabul is that the country is run by tribes, each with its own system of laws.

McClatchy Newspapers has a story by Tom Lasseter(*) about what the Russians learned in their battle with Afghanistan. It doesn't bode well for Pbama's war there, unless his desired "surge" is uniquely temporary (which it likely is not).

    "You may elect a parliament, you may invite parliamentary delegations from Afghanistan to visit Europe, but it means nothing," said Boris Pastukhov, whose service as Soviet ambassador began in 1989, the year the Red Army withdrew. "The decisions by parliament cannot be compared with the decision of a jirga," a tribal council.


    "History didn't listen to us," said [former Soviet ambassador to Afghanistan from 1979 to 1986] Fikryat Tabeyev], now 81 [years old]. All our efforts to restore peace in the country...this was a flop in the end."

Tabeyev makes a point of noting that the Soviets were convinced that their superior numbers, firepower and training would enable them to avoid mistakes made in Afghanistan by the British and stretching back to Alexander The Great.

We know the Pbama Admin, The Left and his Cultists all have a low tolerance for war causalities. We know the Pbama Admin and his Cultists are weak; the first to turn, run and seek protection from someone else. If Liberals and Progressives viewed terrorists the same way they view Republicans, maybe I could have some small degree of admiration for them, but they're basically gutless cowards - especially the Pbama Cultists - who are loud and angry, but who quickly back away from any confrontation, unless it is with someone who doesn't share their exact ideology. Then they think they're tough.

Afghanistan could easily become Pbama's Waterloo. Or, maybe his Iranian hostage crisis. He's too arrogant to think this couldn't happen. If it does, the only good that will come of it is that like Carter, he will be a one-term president. And we all have to do our part in making sure this happens.


* Tom Lasseter/McClatchy story also reproduced at Common Dreams.

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Dave, Can you help me out here? I am unsure as to why we have to concentrate US Forces in Afghanistan? It seems like the Taliban has been pretty quiet there lately. Maybe Obama can use his super-power ability to cloud men's minds with Hope and Change to bring Afghanistan to its' knees? If he really wanted to flush out terrorists and bring the Taliban to justice, he should not use the US Military but rather his own economic policies. That would have them screaming and begging to give up real soon. Of course, we would be condemned by the UN for employing such harsh and inhumane techniques……
Theodore, you ask the trillion dollar question. I don't know why Pbama has decided to step up the forces in Afghanistan. There has been some activity from the terrorists and also along the Afgh-Pakistan border. I'm not sure of the reasoning or logic behind the Dems amping up Troops in Afghanistan. We can know on thing, though, whatever the reason it's a calculated reason to boost Pbama's approval ratings.
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