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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Unemployment Highest Since 1983,
Some Job Losses Most Since 1949

Wow, you just have to admire all the Pbama Cultists who cling to their beliefs that the Pbama-Liberal Stimu-pork bill was "better than doing nothing." How do we know, since we didn't have the option of trying to do nothing? Pbama and his Fascist Marxist Regime forced the biggest spending and debt program onto the nation and the results have been daily stock market plunges and all-time lows in consumer confidence.

Way to go, Barry. Way to go! Super job on the economy! Fabulous! Pbamanomics works! So much for that free market/capitalism crap. Crush the economy, wipe out people's savings, constantly speak ill of the economy and market thereby turning 401(k) plans into worthless paper and talk of future stimu-pork plans.

February saw the unemployment rate hit 8.1%, the highest since 1983, and 651,000 people lost their jobs in that short 28-day month. From Forbes:

    US unemployment rate surged to 8.1% in February, a 25 year high, as the US shed another 651,000 and December's job losses were revised to largest decline in fifty years, the Labor Department said today.

    The 651,000 job loss in February came in slightly above the 648,000 lost jobs economists were expecting. But this came after the economy lost 655,000 jobs in January and 681,000 jobs in December; December saw the largest job loss since October 1949. The December/January revisions added another 161,000 lost jobs to the two months for a cumulative 1.3 mln jobs lost.

Over 4 million jobs lost and Pbama boasts of 25 new hires in law enforcement.
(AP Photo/Terry Gilliam), reproduced under Fair Use Section 107 U.S. Copyright Code.

And what is His Excellency Dear Leader The Affirmative Action Illegal Illegitimate Prednint
Barack Cocaine Hussein Pbama, Junior doing? He's boasting about 25 jobs created by his massive redistribution of wealth. The Hill:

    President Obama traveled to Columbus, Ohio, on Friday to hail the swearing-in of 25 new police officers who had been told after their training that the city did not have enough money to hire them.

And boastful he was - as only Pbama can be. And if you think I'm exaggerating, then check out his very own words (Barry, no doubt, using his precious and always-present teleprompter). WaPo:

    "These jobs and the jobs of so many other police officers and teachers and firefighters all across Ohio will now be saved because of this recovery plan; a plan that will also create jobs in every corner of this state."


    "All together, this recovery plan will save and create over three and a half million American jobs over the next two years."


    "...by itself, this recovery plan won't turn our economy around or solve every problem."

Whew...25 jobs for a trillion dollars. I guess that's Pbama's idea of creating jobs. And what's with him saying "this recovery plan won't turn our economy around?" That's ALL he's been telling us as the main selling point for his Marxist redistribution of wealth.

Consider the following from the above (linked to) Forbes article:

    The economy has now lost 4.168 mln jobs over the last twelve months and a total 4.384 mln since January 2008, when the economy began shedding jobs. More than half of the total losses have occured [sic] in the last four months.

Pbama says his plan will
"save and create over three and a half million American jobs over the next two years," yet the Forbes story totals our job losses at over 4 million. In other words, Pbamanomics and his trillions of dollars of spending, borrowing and debt will have virtually no positive effect or net increase in job creation.

I think Ol' Barry is going to give Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe a good run to see if the U.S. can beat Zimbabwe's 231 million percent inflation rate! Soon, we could be just like Zimbabwe. Don't kid yourself, that's exactly what Pbama wants.

Now really, is there any question why millions of Americans want Pbama To Fail?


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There is a world of differences between creating a job and saving one already existing.

Too often saving one for the government means making it survive a couple of months until the end of the loan expires and the company finds itself incapable of reimbursing it.
But but but David, he's going to give us change... I wonder if people realized when he said "...the american people want change..." that he meant he would make their hard earned savings/401(k) into change.
Tym, your words remind me of the "we cannot feed the alligator hoping to be eaten last," quote? Churchill?
Arc, we got "change" all right, didn't we? ;-)

Change not for the better.
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