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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stocks Sink After Timmy Tax Cheat Geithner Open His Pie Hole...AGAIN! Obama's Popularity Also Sinking (He Must Fail!)

Will someone tell Treasury Secretary Timmy Tax Cheat Geithner to STFU! Every time he opens his mouth, the stock market takes a dive.

From Business Week:

    Bank stocks are retreating amid fresh concerns that financial firms will need additional capital to weather the ongoing credit crisis and recession.

    The KBW Bank Index, which tracks 24 of the nation's largest banks, fell more than 7 percent to 27.06.

    The fall comes a day after Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said during television interviews that the struggling banking sector might need even more money to help it right itself and increase lending. The comments by Geithner affirmed that the ongoing credit crisis and recession is still weighing on banks.

    "Putting that out there highlights the fact that we're not in the late stages of this," says Peter Jankovskis, co-chief investment officer at OakBrook Investments.

Somebody...Ballgag Timmy Tax Cheat! STAT!

Stocks slid on Monday because Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior is ruining General Motors. Market Watch:

    U.S. stocks fell as the specter of a bankruptcy for General Motors and fears that banks such as Citigroup and Bank of America may not pass their "stress tests" punctured the recent rally. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 254.16 points, or 3.27%, to 7522.02[.]


    Standard & Poor's 500 index fell 28.41, or 3.48%, to 787.53[.]


    The technology-oriented Nasdaq Composite fell 43.4, or 2.81%, to 1501.8.

Hey...America...especially you Pbama Cultists...how's your 401(k) or IRA these days? Lookin' good?

Heckuva job, Timmy!

Heckuva job, Barry!

The latest Rasmussen Poll shows only 38% "strongly approve" of the job Pbama is doing:

    38% of the nation's voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President.


    Thirty percent (30%) now Strongly Disapprove[.]


    58% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President's performance so far. Forty percent (40%) disapprove.


    46% of voters still have an unfavorable opinion of the President’s budget.

Have we hit a quadrillion dollars in debt yet? No? It's just a matter of time with Barry!


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What fucking "recent rally" are they talking about? The Dow dropped 254.16 today, in the past week, the Dow is off 253.84, since Barry was sworn in the Dow is off 759.2.

If we go back to the time that Democrats were sworn in as the majority of Congress, the Dow is off a mere 4941.13.

Please, will someone point me to the fucking "recent rally?" I just cannot find it.

Is their particular meaning for a specific moment in time that they selectively CHOOSE with a predetermined outcome?

Are they talking about day traders for SHORTS or something? Or are they watching a MAKE BELIEVE market? What. The. Fuck? "Recent rally."
Nice ball gag. Did you photograph one of yours?
I saw they used the word "rally", too. Well, considering how complicit the MSM is with Barry, it's not all that surprising. We have a looooooooong way to go, I agree, before applying "rally" to the market. A couple of thousand points lost that we need to get back before using "rally". But it's Barry. The Teflon Thug. Nothing sticks to him.
Thank you for noticing, ShavedApe.

Yes, it was one of mine, brand new, actually. Fresh out of the wrapper. It still had that "new ballgag" smell.
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