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Thursday, March 26, 2009

spBarney spFrank Explains Why He
Called Justice Scalia A Homophobe

But-but-but...I thought The Liberals - like spBarney spFrank - were tolerant and non-judgmental who, even though someone may disagree with them, were able to maintain their diplomacy and remain non-judgmental, certainly removed from name-calling and "labeling" others.

CommieCrat Congressman spBarney spFrank of Assachusetts called
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia a homophobe. LA Times:

    Frank, the first openly gay member of Congress, recently gave an interview to a gay website, www.365gay.com, in which he took on a different foe. Asked about the Defense of Marriage Act -- which bans gay marriage -- Frank said he hopes the law is not appealed to the Supreme Court right now because Justice Antonin Scalia is a "homophobe" with too many allies on the court to risk a judicial challenge.

    "I wouldn't want it to go to the United States Supreme Court now because that homophobe Antonin Scalia has too many votes on this current court," Frank said.

    In a 2003 Texas case that overturned the nation's consensual sodomy laws, Scalia wrote a dissent, saying the majority's ruling represented "a massive disruption of the current social order."

The LA Times link has the video of spBarney.

Now, spBarney continues explaining himself. Boston.com:

    Representative Barney Frank yesterday defended his use of the term "homophobe" to describe Antonin Scalia, the conservative Supreme Court justice who has ruled in favor of limiting legal protections for gays.

    "What a 'homophobe' means is someone who has prejudice about gay people," Frank told WBZ radio, arguing that Scalia's judicial writing "makes it very clear that he's angry, frankly, about the existence of gay people."

Yeah, yeah - spBarney. Whatever. It's easy to play The Homophobe Card, or the Race Card, or the Fear Card when it's politically advantageous for...you guessed it...a politician. Especially a Liberal Politician.

Scalia's dissent doesn't make it very clear that he's angry about the existence of gay people.

If I'm not mistaken - and someone let me know if I am - the overturn of the nation's sodomy law removed the crime of consensual sodomy and sodomy isn't necessarily exclusive to gays. Plenty of straight men use the back door when Aunt Flo visits their wife or girlfriend. And this is why spBarney spFrank is wrong in calling Scalia a "homophobe." Scalia, if anything, might be a "sodomyphobe."

I don't agree with Scalia either, that consensual sodomy will cause "a massive disruption of the current social order." Sodomy has been around for - geez, a couple of years anyway - and short of Sodom and Gomorrah, I don't know of any massive disruption of current social order.

Scalia is entitled to Free Speech in his personal and public life.

spBarney spFrank is grandstanding - as he always does - nothing more.


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