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Friday, March 27, 2009

Retard Pbama: "Smart meters and more electricians will save the economy!"

Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior held a virtual townhall meeting. I wonder why he didn't just float on the clouds in the sky, over all of us, and answer our questions directly?

Did you read, see or hear the questions asked? The most softball questions imaginable. No doubt the only questions that were allowed past the filter were those from the most loyal, Jackboot-Licking Pbama Cultists, Insane Liberal Clown Posse and ACORN members.

The Kenyan said that the country doesn't have enough electricians and the way to create jobs is by installing smart meters into the homes of everyone. LA Times:

    "We could set up systems so that everybody in each house have their own smart meters that will tell you when to turn off the lights, when the peak hours are, can help you sell back energy that you've generated in your home through a solar panel or through other mechanisms."

So Pbama is in the pocket of Big Electric, huh? Oh, I'm sure the people who run Big Electric are nowhere near as evil and greedy as those who run Big Oil.

Smart meters already exist. They're called programmable thermostats.

And I don't need a government meter telling me to turn off lights in rooms no one is occupying. Most of us learned this as a young child from our parents, usually our dad: "Turn off the lights if you're not in that room. I'm not the electric company!"

I'm amazed at how Pbama Cultists and Liberals are so passive about the government installing what amounts to an energy surveillance device in our homes. Who knows what else it monitors that they're not telling us? Yep, the Cultists and Liberals sure got their undies in a bundle over W. Bush and his "illegal spying and wiretapping." But Pbama wants to monitor our energy use - and who knows what else - and the Pbama Cultists and Liberals cream their pants with glee.

No question about it...Barry is Retarded. I'm completely convinced of it. Nothing will change my mind.


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