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Monday, March 30, 2009

Protests Await Pbama Overseas

The whole world still doesn't love us yet? Why, I thought the reason the world hated us is because W. Bush was the President.

And I was under the impression from Pbama Cultists that the whole would would cream their pants, squeal with glee and loooooooooooooooooove us - even the terrorists - the moment Barack Crack Cocaine Hussein Pbama, Junior stole the White House.

Huh...I guess Barry isn't generating much love. Awwwwww. Poor Barry and his Cultists.

From Helene Cooper at The NY Times: Obama Will Face a Defiant World on Foreign Visit:

    ...Obama is facing challenges to U.S. power on multiple fronts as he prepares for his first presidential trip overseas, with the nation's economic woes emboldening allies and adversaries alike.


    ...Obama will confront resentment over U.S.-style capitalism and resistance to his economic prescriptions when he lands in London on Tuesday for the Group of 20 summit of industrial and emerging market nations. He will not even try to overcome NATO's unwillingness to provide more troops in Afghanistan when he goes on later in the week to meet with the military alliance.

    He seems unlikely to return home with any more to show for his attempts to open a dialogue with Iran's leaders[.]

Being that it's a NY Times' story, it of course notes that there is "lingering unhappiness around the world at the way the Bush administration used U.S. power." It wouldn't be a NYT story if it didn't fault a Republican.

More, from The Age:

    The blueprint for a new, unified and global assault on the financial crisis — spearheaded by a £1.4 trillion ($A2.9 trillion) fiscal stimulus package — was reportedly dismissed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    "I will not let anyone tell me that we must spend more money," she was quoted as saying.


    The leak and clear rejection of the British blueprint by key European Union leaders can also be read as a blow for US President Barack Obama, who has worked forcefully to lead other major world economies into echoing his own $US800 billion ($A1.15 trillion) stimulus plan.

The "anyone" Chancellor Merkel is referring to is, of course, Pbama. He wants to push Europe into debt and deficits in the same way that he's done with the U.S. And Europe isn't exactly keen on Pbama telling them what to do. Hysterical! Rich!

And last week, the Czech Premier called the Obama Administration's Economic Policies 'a Road to Hell'. WaPo:

    The president of the European Union on Wednesday ripped the Obama administration's economic policies, calling its deficit spending and bank bailouts "a road to hell."

    The comments by Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek of the Czech Republic, which holds the E.U.'s rotating presidency, startled some U.S. and European officials, who are preparing for President Obama's visit next month to several European cities, including Prague, the Czech capital.

Heh...ol Barry is too much of a Marxist for parts of Europe. Now that's funny! And Prime Minister Topolanek's words quite accurately describe Pbama's policies: a road to hell.

I guess the whole wide world still doesn't love us, despite the Kenyan who stole the election and is illegally occupying the White House.


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