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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pbama Devastating To Taxpayers In 50 Days

In a short 50 days, His Excellency Dear Leader Barack Cocaine Hussein Pbama, Junior's reign of terror has been devastating to the taxpayers. This will continue, there is no end in sight. The rich will not be the only ones who see tax hikes. ALL AMERICANS will see tax hikes like never before.

PR Newswire has the countdown and tally from Americans For Tax Reform examining the devastating blow Pbama has dealt to the economy and the taxpayer in the first 50 days of his Illegal Occupation of The White House.

The story does not lend itself to excerpts, so please read the entire release.

I'm using a more scientific approach to measure Pbama's devastation of the taxpayer and to the economy. I'm using my Magic 8-Ball. I asked it for its best economic advice and strategy regarding Pbama, his Tax and Spend and Massive Debt Mentality and Pbamanomics. Below is the reply:


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