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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obama's Climbing Dead Count

Warmonger Barack Cocaine Hussein Pbama, Junior continues racking up more deaths. Remember, Pbama is responsible for all these deaths, he owns them all - every single last one of them. Just like The Left said about W. Bush owning the deaths that occurred under him.

New numbers to add to the Warmongering Fascist Pig Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior death toll:

* Nine international soldiers and three Afghan civilians were killed in a bloody weekend of attacks in Afghanistan linked to a Taliban-led insurgency, officials said.

* 24 killed in Pakistan.

* Suicide bomber in Afghanistan kills 11, wounds 28.

* Four United States Soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

Remember all the protests we heard about and read from The Left when Bush was president and the death of a Solider or civilian - hell, even a terrorist, because they're mothers and fathers, too - occurred?

Boy...The Left sure holds Pbama to the same standard it did Bush, huh? Oh...wait...

Apparently The Pbama Cultists approve of the deaths now, because they are occurring under their Messyiah.


"Pbama is a Warmonger!"

"No More American Imperialism!"

"Stop The Bloodshed Now!"

"If we left the terrorists alone, they'd leave us alone!"

"No more Blood For Oil!"

"Impeach Pbama Now!"

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