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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama Special Olympics Remark
Proves He's A Classless Retard

During his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,
Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior referred to his lack of bowling prowess by tying his score to that of the Special Olympics. CSMonitor:

    In a lighthearted conversation, President Obama told Jay Leno that he recently bowled a 129 at the White House bowling alley.

    “Very good,” Leno said sarcastically.

    “It was like Special Olympics or something,” Obama replied.

    Realizing the potential magnitude of the mistake, the White House addressed the president’s remark to reporters aboard Air Force One.

    “The President made an offhand remark making fun of his own bowling that was in no way intended to disparage the Special Olympics,” Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton told reporters.

Here's the clip:

It's interesting that Pbama didn't apologize himself until his careless comments took on critical mass and an outpouring of protests.

Chairman of the Special Olympics Timothy Shriver (yeah...yeah...that Liberal Shriver family) wasted no time in accepting Pbama's after-the-fact apology. This is not surprising since both Shriver and Pbama are phony, Liberal Pieces of Shit.

Shriver sure reacted differently over the movie "Tropic Thunder" for its ridiculing of disabilities. The New York Times* (so it must be true!):

    A coalition of disabilities groups is expected as early as Monday to call for a national boycott of the film “Tropic Thunder” because of what the groups consider the movie’s open ridicule of the intellectually disabled.

    The film, a movie-industry spoof directed by Ben Stiller, is set for release on Wednesday by Paramount Pictures and its DreamWorks unit.

    “Not only might it happen, it will happen,” Timothy P. Shriver, chairman of the Special Olympics, said of the expected push for a boycott. Speaking by phone, Mr. Shriver said he planned to be in Los Angeles with representatives of his group and others to picket the movie’s premiere on Monday evening in this city’s Westwood district.

    A particular sore point has been the film’s repeated use of the term “retard” in referring to a character, Simple Jack, who is played by Mr. Stiller in a subplot about an actor who chases an Oscar by portraying a mindless dolt.

    Mr. Shriver said that he had also begun to ask members of Congress for a resolution condemning what he called the movie’s “hate speech” and calling for stronger federal support of the intellectually disabled.


    He spoke of what he described as the studio’s and the filmmakers’ blatant disregard for the disabled even as they stepped carefully around other potentially offensive references, notably in a story line that has Robert Downey Jr. playing a white actor who changes his skin color to play a black soldier.


    Mr. Shriver said that he had spoken with [studio executives] at DreamWorks about “Tropic Thunder” and came away convinced that they had no plans for mitigating measures.

    Their response, he said, convinced him that the time had come for his group and others to strike a far more aggressive public posture on behalf of the disabled. “The movement needs to enter the public eye and not just be talking among ourselves,” he said.

Yeah, Mr. Shriver, sure...bloviate and pontificate your self-righteousness, but when your buddy Barry says something far more offensive and egregious, you accept the apology based on political ideology. You're a hypocrite...an obvious one, Mr. Shriver.

I like how The Pbama Cultists are spinning this story: "He said it, he apologized...let's move on." Yeah, the Cultists always want to move on when one of their shit-for-brains says something controversial, insulting or inflammatory. None of the insulting things Barry has done or said will be going away any time soon. Get used to it. Get used to taking heaping doses of the same medicine that you dished out for the last eight years.

Barry is a Retard!

Simple Barry


* If the link to the NY Times "Tropic Thunder " story brings you to a "register before we let you read the story" page, try searching on the story name, title, author and date: Nationwide ‘Thunder’ Boycott in the Works by MICHAEL CIEPLY Published: August 10, 2008. You should find at least the cache version to read which doesn't require you to register.

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Dave, don’t recognize Obama code when you see it? According to the Urban Dictionary “Bowling” has a couple of different meanings….

#1. Verb. Get a solid group of friends together and smoke bowl after bowl, after bowl, after bowl.... after bowl. Try to get 10 hits out of each bowl. Go for ten frames. With regard to extra frames, the same rules as regular bowling apply. Go for 300.
Example: “Rahm you've got to come over at 7 man. We scored and we're goin bowling.”


#2. Verb: Filling all three of a woman's holes during the act of sexual intercourse, as if she was a bowling ball. This can be done by three men.
Obama: "Hey Pickles, can I go bowling tonight?"
Michelle: "Sure, let me grab the lube"
Um...I bowl (Wii bowling, anyway) not much better than a 129. What's President Teleprompter trying to say??? Hmmm???
Theodore, heh - bowl bowlin'. Let's burn up the good stuff before Barry and 'Chelle get here. They only have schwag-weed. Heh!

Barry knew exactly what he was saying when he said it. He's a condescending piece of shit.

I like Wii tennis and golf. Haven't tried bowling.
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