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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama Punch Drunk

In the Sunday night "60 Minutes" interview Steve Kroft asked Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior if he was "punch drunk." WaPo asked some PR professionals to weigh in on the "punch drunk" prednint:

    The most memorable moment of the president's interview on "60 Minutes" Sunday night came when reporter Steve Kroft asked, "Are you punch drunk?"


    Rich Masters of Qorvis Communications, who is a Democrat: "The interview was nearly 30 minutes long and the 'punch drunk' segment lasted about 30 seconds, I think it's ridiculous that 30 seconds would come to define an entire interview."


    Marina Ein of Ein Communications, who leans right but has defended many a high-powered Democrat: "Humor is certain to make the laid-off workers, 401K reduced-retirees and Madoff-scammed feel much better! NOT! We don't need a comic-in-chief we need a commander-in-chief!"

And then there's the issue of Pbama's sickly nervous laughter, with USA MacPaper asking, "What do you make of Obama's laughter?"

Pbama's laughter was also evident in the third and final presidential debate with John McCain last year.

Laugh, Clown, Laugh.

It sure is reassuring having Pbama laugh while our economy tanks, unemployment keeps skyrocketing, jobs are evaporating, the world economy continues disintegrating and hard-working Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck; some only a day away from personal financial catastrophe.

And Pbama laughs. Yuck it up, Barry, yuck it up. He's set for life, so are his kids. He has no compassion for anyone. Christ, his half-brother lives in poverty and so did (does) Aunt Zeituni!

Even Bill Clinton could croak out a believable, "I feel your pain." Barry? Not a chance, he's not that good of an actor.


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I'm getting really sick and tired of Obama relax attitude as if nothing was wrong and everything was fine.

Fine for him and his entourage right. Not for us though.
Tym, how do Canadians feel about Obama in general? I don't think the Harper Admin has a high opinion of him, do they?
Depends but in Canada we're used to socialist measures and primary anti-americanism both from English Canada and more recently from French Canada.

There used to be a time when Quebec (most of French Canadians live there) would be friendlier to the USA than the rest of Canada (mostly English) but that all shifted with the leftist take over and post 9-11 feeling and lots of moslem immigration (primarly in Montreal).

English Canada has always been acrymonious toward the USA probably since the last time USA tried to invade Canada in the 19th century and the war of Independance. People emigrated to Canada to stay loyal to the English Crown in Great Britain back then.

And when you think about it, there is a lot of jealousy from English Canada since the only difference really between an English Canadian and an American is the hate of USA the English Canadian shares with his Kamarad leftists.

Salutations from Canukastan,

Tym Machine
Hi Tym,

Thanks for the input.

"there is a lot of jealousy from English Canada since the only difference really between an English Canadian and an American is the hate of USA the English Canadian shares with his Kamarad leftists.

That's really a good observation on you part, and one I agree. The common ground for the EC's and the Kamarad leftists is the hate - as you put it - for the US.

Has the Muslim immigration had any impact of a less structured Canada? I'm speaking of the case in - I recall a Montreal school - where in a zero tolerance public school a Muslim child was allowed to bring a knife to school because it was some cultural/religious practice. Any other type of weapon on school grounds was, of course, strictly prohibited.
I think Don Long at The Shave Ape blog (on my blogroll under Posse Blogitatus sub-heading, or just hold down Control +F key and search for "shaved ape") wrote about the knife-school incident at his blog.
I'm a little shit scared of Islamists coming into Canada especially Eastern Canada and especially Quebec since Quebec is entitled to choose its immigrants and they choose it on the basis of mastering French.

However, far from me from wanting to be discriminatory but I think that English immigration in that matter is of better quality than our French immigration coming from dictatorial african regimes and moslem countries as well.

In the end, English won't be the no 2 language of Québec, it's going to end up being arab.

It also shows on the rise of anti-semitism and anti-americanism in the province.


About the knive incident, welcome to multicultural Canada.

It is called a kirpan and has nothing to do with moslems but it has all to do with Sikh culture in India.
In the end, English won't be the no 2 language of Québec, it's going to end up being arab.

Wow. I had no idea the immigration was to that extent.

Yes...the kirpan incident. Thank you. You have amazing memory and great recall abilities! The Sikh culture, yes, yes, yes. I was most off-base connecting to it Muslim. Much regards in that clarification. I will now always remember it correctly because of you.
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