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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama Can't Pronouce Orion

H/T: Two Dogs at Mean Ol' Meany:

    Remember how all the news reporters jumped all over President Bush for his pronunciation of the word "nuclear?" They are just jumping all over Barry Obama for the inability to pronounce "Orion" right? What, you haven't heard about the New Moron President fumbling that one, REPEATEDLY? Hmmmm, wonder why?

The brilliant intellectual Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior cannot pronounce the word "Orion."

From NRO:

    You may read about President Obama's speech today on green energy, plugging a company called Orion Energy. Standing next to Orion's CEO, he praised the company for its groundbreaking work on consumer energy efficiency. Unfortunately, something went awry despite the teleprompter's best efforts:

    All terrific press for Orion, except that Obama kept pronouncing the company’s name wrong, calling it OAR-ee-on.

Mr. Pbama Head. Brain destroyed from too much crack cocaine? Could be!


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As soon as I figure out how to take that image watermark off this graphic, I am dumping it everywhere and taking credit for it.

And I could see OAR-ee-on from my HOUSE tonight!
Hey, I can email you a non-watermarked version. Let me know. Not a problem.

You know why I started doing that, right - the watermark? Some some asshat took my Obama Smoker image (the one with the enlarged ears), cut off the frame and my url and rant it as his own. And the fucktwat was a Conservative! It's along story, that's the short version.
I wouldn't dream of removing the watermark, but I have to find the right day to run it. It is coming soon enough.

Oddly, there is generally a common thought in my posts, I am certain that no one else sees it, but my brain does.

Some folks don't respect the work of other folks, that is exactly why the COCK PUNCH was invented.
Well, if you change your mind, let me know. You always give credit where credit is due and would never pilfer another's creative work, chop off the url and run it as your own.

You *DO* connect the dots and the thoughts in your writing. There is a common running theme that takes intelligence to grasp. Others pick up on it, too as evidenced by the comments.

Don't say COCK PUNCH around spBarney. It means a whole 'nother thing I think.
Wonder what you serve Cock Punch in? Obviously this.
Yes, that would indeed be the bowl. And I don't want to know what the ingredients are. ;-)
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