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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Nothing Wrong In Wishing Pbama Failure

It's Patriotic To Want The Prednint to Fail.
The Left preached this for the past eight years.

There's nothing wrong hoping and saying that you want The Affirmative Action Illegal Prednint
His Excellency Dear Leader Barack Cocaine Hussein
Pbama, Junior to fail. Any reasonable person wants Pbama to fail.

For eight long years The Left wished nothing but failure on the Bush Administration and anything it did. Now it's time to give The Left - especially The Pbama Cultists - a mega-dose of their own medicine. And they don't like it! It's music to my ears.

There's nothing wrong with saying Pbamanomics and his trillion dollar stimu-pork will lead to economic failure. Hell, Pbama's good friend Warren Buffet said the same thing. Bloomberg:

    Billionaire Warren Buffett said the economy will be “in shambles” this year, and perhaps longer, before recovering from the reckless lending that caused the worst “freefall” he ever saw in the financial system.

"In shambles" this year and perhaps longer? Whoa - good thing those words weren't spoken by a Republican! Warren gets the coveted Free Pass from The Pbama Cultists and the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) because Warren is a Pbama sycophant and cash cow contributor to Pbama's campaign.

Oil prices increased over $45 dollars per barrel - a 9 percent jump on Wednesday alone. Yahoo Finance:

    Oil prices jumped 9 percent Wednesday as global stock markets rallied and the government reported crude levels in U.S. storage houses unexpectedly shrank.

Pbama admits his Pbamanomics plan will increase taxes and costs on oil and energy companies. Is there anyone out there stupid enough to believe that the price for a gallon of gasoline will remain under $2.00?

Pbama and his Corrupt Marxist Administration want the economic outlook bleak. And BLEAK it is. Biz Journals:

    The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank’s latest Beige Book paints a picture of a national and regional economy that continues to be in the midst of an economic downturn.

    The Beige Book is a compilation of anecdotal and statistical reports from each of the Fed’s 12 regional districts.


    Ten of the 12 reports indicated weaker conditions or declines in economic activity; the exceptions were Philadelphia and Chicago, which reported that their regional economies ‘remained weak.’ ”


    About 74 percent of auto dealers said sales in January and early February were down compared with the same period in 2008. Nine percent said sales were up. About 35 percent of the dealers said used car sales had increased relative to new car sales.


    The downturn has led to continued weakness in the real estate and construction industries, according to the Beige Book.

What is Pbama's plan for the Detroit automakers? He wants to regulate them more and more. He wants to increase the tax rate on GM, Ford and Chrysler. How does that help the economy? It doesn't. This is Pbama's plan.

America burns and The Pbama's fiddle and live like royalty. APee:

    ...a burst of entertaining has taken hold of the iconic, white-columned home of America's head of state.


    Obama told the state chief executives after they had dined on Maryland crab, Wagyu beef, Nantucket scallops and citrus salad.

    "We are just temporary occupants. This is a place that belongs to the American people and we want to make sure that everybody understands it's open," [Obama] said.

It's open? When can I dine with the Affirmative Action Prednint?

Fail, Barry, Fail!


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Pbama is failing utterly.

The only viable solution: impeachement.

If it is not done soon, sooner rather than later, Nixon watergate will seem like very very small potatoes compared with the mess this ACORN-socialist-communist dictator is willing to put the USA in.
He should be impeached, but we will never see the likes of it with the Marxist majority in Congress.

Where is CommieCrat Dennis Kucinich screaming about impeachment when it really matters and really counts? He is dutifully and obediently silent like the sheeple-gnome that he is.
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