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Monday, March 23, 2009

Michelle Obama Has A Garden

Awwww...Michelle Pickles Obama The Dangerous Washerwoman has herself a garden at the White House. The Ho has a Hoe. Isn't that precious?

What will Pickles grow in her garden? I'm guessing some fine cannabis plants for her husband. Perhaps some KC33 Master Kush and New Purple Power. A few rows of arugula? Maybe they'll get some livestock - goats for the cheese?

Yep, the Pbama PR people are trying their darnedest to paint Barry and Pickles as ordinary, average Americans. This time we're asked to believe that Pickles is an ace gardener. Too bad only the Pbama Cultists believe this crap. The rest of America recognizes the Pbamas as the Elitists they are. Do you notice how little MSM coverage there is of the weekly Wednesday night White House parties? It wouldn't look good to cover the Elitists while Rome burns, would it?

Those of us who didn't drink the Kool Aid know that the Pbamas will have some experienced gardener come in undercover and take care of the garden.

But Pickles will be portrayed by the MSM as the master gardener, showing off all "she grew" in the garden. Laughable to everyone...except the Pbama Cultists.

Obama Gothic

It's funny that while a great deal is being made over Pickle's garden, leglislation is pending that would outlaw backyard gardens for most everyone else. It's Bill H.R. 875. WVW News:

    Representative Rosa DeLauro, whose husband Stanley Greenburg works for Monsanto, has introduced H.R. 875, a very bad piece of legislation that promises to put every backyard gardener in jeopardy of property seizure.

    Monsanto is a monster corporation that sinks its controlling tentacles deep into the minds of every presidential administration and every Congress. Just last year, I described the corruption Monsanto engendered in a fair amount of depth. And how very convenient to have their very own pet member of Congress!

    Naturally, like all monstrous attacks on our freedom, this attack is made in the name of "safety." If you understand the intention of the legislation, and carefully read sections 3, 103, 206 and 207 in their entirety, you'll see that the danger I am reporting is quite real. This is essentially a bill to restructure agriculture in this country along lines suitable for Monsanto's profitability, at the cost of the impoverishment of both our material well-being and our health.


    A new federal law that takes away your right to raise your own food will not inspire people who will already endanger your life in pursuit of profit to be any more diligent.

See. Barry wants everone to be so dependent on the government he wants to deny you the ability to feed yourself. This is all part of his Grand Marxist Plan:

First: he destroys the economy.

Second: he destroys the heath care system.

Third: he guts the Second Amendment and his Fascist Thugs go door-to-door confiscating the guns of law-abiding citizens.

Fourth: he destroys our abundance of food and water.

Socialism...Marxism...call it whatever you want. In order to be effective it needs dependents, and this is Pbama's Grand Plan; making every single one of us dependent on the Federal Government.

Barry and Pickles. Neither of them has ever done a hard day's work of manual labor and neither of them has done an honest day's work, period. They're the Affirmative Action Couple of America. They want America's riches "handed" to them.


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