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Monday, March 16, 2009

Cheney: U.S. Less Safe Under Obama

Kudos to former Vice President Dick Cheney
for saying that the United States is less safe under Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior. AFP:

    President Barack Obama has made Americans more vulnerable to attack, former vice president Dick Cheney said Sunday in a trenchant defense of his own divisive prosecution of the "war on terror."

    Asked by CNN if Obama had made the nation less safe by dismantling former president George W. Bush's anti-terror policies, Cheney said bluntly: "I do."

    In his first television interview since leaving office, Bush's number two blasted Obama's decision to close down the Guantanano Bay prison camp, end harsh interrogations and shutter secret CIA detention sites abroad.

The Pbama Cultists will now center on Cheney, because he spoke the truth. And the Cultists screech the loudest when the truth hits them. It hurts. It hurts them a lot!


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The MSM has so vilified both Bush and Cheney that the moment that either of these 2 men's names is mentioned the libtards have a Pavlovian response and start an irrational foaming at the mouth. It wouldn't matter if Cheney saw a bunch of terrorist with a nuke in tow headed toward New York City, no lib would believe it if he said it. This is really too bad because if Cheney thinks the US is weak on terror within our country you can bet he is probably right. Of course Obama wants to weaken the US's ability to defend itself against another terror strike. Because when they do strike again, he can use this as an excuse to start gun grabbing and employing his own internal civilian defense force.
I agree with your comment 100%. Especially about Obama wanting to weaken our defense. 10 to 1 he attempts to drastically cut the defense budget in the next two years. He has to, he has to pay for all his stimupork! And then as you sau, the gun grabbing abd his Brownshirts move in.
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