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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

UN Underestimates Iran's Uranium

Remember when so many Liberals were telling us that no one had anything to worry about because Iran was five, more like ten, years away from developing nuclear technology. I know John "I served in Vietnam" Kerry and Hillary MrsSatan Clinton said this. And, before he stole the election, I know that His Excellency Dear Leader Mister Pushy Sunshine Smile The Illegitimate Affirmative Action Prednint Barack "Don't bother me, while I'm smokin' my crack" Hussein Pbama, Junior also said Iran is ten years from developing nuclear technology.

UN Secretary General: Ban Ki Moon Ben Wa Balls

The UN (shockingly!) underestimated Iran's amount of uranium. Smart Brief:

    Iran has amassed more than a ton of enriched uranium -- a third more than it previously had acknowledged and enough to build an atom bomb, UN officials said. The International Atomic Energy Agency made the discovery during its yearly materials inventory at Iran's enrichment facility in Natanz. "Everyone's nervous and worried about the possibility of Iran pursuing a clandestine capability," an unnamed Barack Obama administration official said. New York Times, The (02/19).

I know, you're as shocked as I am because it is so rare - so very, very rare - that the UN gets something wrong.

Former UN weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991 to 1998 Scott Ritter (arrested in a teenage girl sex sting operation), in a November 2007 interview with the Metro Times said, (speaking about Iran):

    MT: Do you think there is anything that can happen at this point that will stop [an attack on Iran by the U.S.]?

    Ritter: You have to take a look at external influences, not internal ones. I don't think there is anything happening inside the United States that's going to stop that attack.

And despite the best (worst?) predictions and fear-mongering from The Left, President George W. Bush never did bomb Iran, did he? Nope. Just more fear tactics and scare mongering from The Left and the Pbama Cultists.

Besides, why would anyone believe Ritter?

Scott "Hey little girl, I have candy and puppies in my van" Ritter

The BBC reports that Iran is ready to test drive nuclear reactors.

But - but - but - The Liberals said Iran was five to ten years away from nukes? Well, come on now, when have Liberals ever been right about anything?


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Ritter is an LPOS. He should eat a diseased dick and die.
Ritter is a POS, exactly! A lying UN scumbag.
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