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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Pole Reversal By 2012?

Could the North and South Poles change positions as we approach - or perhaps on the exact day of - December 21, 2012, the last day of the Mayan calendar?

Universe Today says unlikely:

    Apparently, on December 21st 2012, our planet will experience a powerful event. This time we're not talking about Planet X, Nibiru or a "killer" solar flare, this event will originate deep within the core of our planet, forcing a catastrophic change in our protective magnetic field. Not only will we notice a rapid reduction in magnetic field strength, we'll also see the magnetic poles rapidly reverse polarity (i.e. the north magnetic pole will be located over the South Pole and vice versa). So what does this mean to us? If we are to believe the doomsayers, we'll be exposed to the vast quantities of radiation blasting from the Sun; with a reversing magnetic field comes a weakening in the Earth's ability to deflect cosmic rays. Our armada of communication and military satellites will drop from orbit, adding to the chaos on the ground. There will be social unrest, warfare, famine and economic collapse. Without GPS, our airliners will also plough into the ground…


    ...occasionally, the magnetic field is known to reverse and alter in strength. Why is this?

    Again, we simply do not know. We do know that this magnetic pole flip-flop has occurred many times in the last few million years, the last occurred 780,000 years ago according to ferromagnetic sediment. A few scaremongering articles have said geomagnetic reversal occurs with "clockwork regularity" - this is simply not true. As can be seen from the diagram (left), magnetic reversal has occurred fairly chaotically in the last 160 million years. Long-term data suggests that the longest stable period between magnetic "flips" is nearly 40 million years (during the Cretaceous period over 65 million years BC) and the shortest is a few hundred years.

    Some 2012 theories suggest that the Earth's geomagnetic reversal is connected to the natural 11-year solar cycle. Again, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this claim. No data has ever been produced suggesting a Sun-Earth magnetic polarity change connection.

    So, already this doomsday theory falters in that geomagnetic reversal does not occur with "clockwork regularity," and it has no connection with solar dynamics. We are not due a magnetic flip as we cannot predict when the next one is going to occur, magnetic reversals occur at seemingly random points in history.

And then...well, then there's the Pole Reversal Panic and Alarmist Crowd. I wonder what they say. Let's take a peek:

    The Sun's magnetic poles will remain as they are now, with the north magnetic pole pointing through the Sun's southern hemisphere, until the year 2012 when they will reverse again. This transition happens, as far as we know, at the peak of every 11-year sunspot cycle -- like clockwork. Earth’s magnetic field also flips, but with less regularity. Consecutive reversals are spaced 5 thousand years to 50 million years apart. The last reversal happened 740,000 years ago. Some researchers think our planet is overdue for another one, but nobody knows exactly when the next reversal might occur.

"...happens at the peak of every 11-year sunspot cycle - like clockwork." It does, does it?

What do you think? Were the Mayans right? Is December 21, 2012 a day that the poles will shift and devastate the world as we know it?


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Didn't all the Mayans choke to death on a small part from a child's toy? I ain't listening to no damn Indian on nothing.

Uh, wait, my grandfather was one of them crazy folks. He drank himself to death with vodka. Or either he choked on a child's toy. I just can't remember.

If odds of the reversal of the poles is set at one for 2012, I'll go with the under. We Indians are some gambling fools.
I don't know about you DD, but I'm going full body aluminum foil for this one.
Pole reversal. Did sthomeone thsay pole reversal?
You're thinking of a different kind of pole, spBarney!
Two Dogs,

They did all choke to death. It was part of the Burger King Whopper Wheel Hot Wheels car, that came free with any purchase of The Whopper when BK introduced it so many years ago. Yes.

If, as we approach 2012, it looks like the poles will switch positions, I have faith Barry will be able to stop it. He's magic!

Yep. Full body aluminum foil inside a full aluminum wall-papered house. Keep your ganja in an aluminum container too to avoid cosmic contamination.
does an aluminum can count for protecting the ganja?
does an aluminum can count for protecting the ganja?
I have plenty of guns, so in the ensuing chaos, I can carve out my own little country and remake it into my image.
Arc, I think an aluminum can will do, yes.
"Scaramouche Country"...that has a good ring to it. Any others you've toyed with in naming your country?
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