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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Pbama's Concentration Camps

American Concentration Camps have been around for a long time. They were justified being built for various reasons, one reason purportedly for a "war against drugs." Or, in the case of a "national quarantine." Or, so we're told.

These internment camps really are American gulags for those who refuse to follow in the footprints of Pbama The Antichrist.

800 FEMA camps in the United States. 800?! Each one capable of holding up to 20,000 people prisoners, former United States Citizens. Why over 500,000 plastic coffins discovered near a Georgia highway?

A Flu Pandemic or a worldwide plot with Pbama at the helm hellbent on destroying and silencing his critics, his opponents and anyone who gets in his way of being the World Ruler?

You don't think the Kenyan-born Affirmative Action Illegitimate Prednint-In-Training Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior, is going to simply settle for ruling only America, do you? Oh, no...he's set his sites much higher than that.


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I just heard from my Maryland friends that the Metro train servicing Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia is searching every 15th person. Gahhhhhhhhhh, this is melting my brain. Where are the champions of personal freedom? They used to be mostly on the right but the War on Terror seemed to change that.
Wait. I'm confused. I thought the Bushies were going to lock everyone up. That is what the Cultists said. Then it didn't happen. What are the Cultists saying now or has the Koolaide finally kicked in? Maybe some of that bailout money can build some more FEMA prisons. It doesn't sound like the Bushies built enough of them. Plus, it's shovel ready project. Good stimulus.
Mixed - why did they settle for every "15" person. Is there rhyme or reason for this, some factual date supporting that "every 15th person could be a terrorist or violent protester"?
Well Molson, we sure waiting all those 8 years for Bush to lock us up like the Libs said and...it didn't happen. Sounds like the Libs were Playing The Fear Card, bug gosh, they say they NEVER do that.

I know right where that work ready shovel can go. Up the asses of Pbama, Biden, Pelosi, ReidTard and every other shit-for-brains cheerleading this pork-u-lus package.
Out of fairness I will say, these searches are happening on Obama's watch. There were similar instances under Bush like arresting the 8 teens doing a silent dance protest in front of the Jefferson Memorial. Honestly, we need a serious personal freedoms alliance beyond party affiliation. Dave if I can get more info on the metro searches I will let you know! Keep up the thought provoking work!
Mixed, and so far not much MSM coverage. Conspicuously absent maybe. Thanks.
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