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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pbama Will Announce Afghanistan Surge

His Excellency Dear Leader Mister Pushy Sunshine Smile Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior, is ready to announce his Troop Surge strategy for Afghanistan. RTT News:

    White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday that U.S. President Barack Obama's decision on sending more American troops to Afghanistan is expected to be announced soon.

    "Without getting into broad timelines, I don't think this is anything that involves weeks," Gibbs told reporters on board Air Force One, when asked about the timing of President Obama's announcement on the widely expected troop surge in Afghanistan.

    Gibbs said that the U.S. administration is continuing to review its policy on Afghanistan, adding: I would expect that the president's decision could come shortly."

Oh, my my my my my my my my...what will all the War Is Always Wrong Crowd do? They're the Pbama Cultists who say War is Always Wrong, America is Always to Blame, The Military Industrial Complex is Evil.

Or has the surge already begun, only Liar Fraud Pbama hasn't yet announced it to the American people? Because Stratfor Global Intelligence reports the surge is taking place right now.

The HuffPuffPoo cites a BBC News poll showing only one-third of Americans support a surge in Afghanistan.

WSJ from January 8, 2009, "An Afghanistan 'Surge' Is a Losing Battle."

I wonder what the odds are that what we won't hear from The Left is, "how can Pbama increase the troop levels in Afghanistan when two-thirds of Americans are against it?"

Then there's the case to be made for Big Bad Oil. Maybe Pbama is a tool of the Oil Companies. Maybe this surge is so that the U.S. can control oil flow from Russian Republics and Iran. This would mean that Pbama is complicit in Blood For Oil, and if so, he should be brought charged as a war criminal.

Where's Harry "The Surge Has Failed" Reid? I bet he's chomping at the bit to declare failure in Afghanistan too!

War is Always Wrong. Always. Can I get an AMENS from The Left and The Pbama Cultists?


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Wow. Pbama is an honest to goodness two for one deal. All the stupidity of Carter with all the failed policies of Johnson rolled into one. Throw in some of that Roosevelt New Deal stuff and we may have a hat trick here. Yay!
Exactly! a Hat Trick! Oh, exactly! Again, you need to start up a political blog, Molson. You are one of the finest creative minds I've encountered.
Who me? Creative? Nah. But I do know when I'm being stimuporked. Somehow "lay back and enjoy it" just isn't working anymore.
You are most creative Molson.
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