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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Pbama AOK With Rendition; Bullies
UK With Threatening To Stop Intel Sharing

Uh, hey - HEY ALL YOU PBAMA CULTISTS...you have heard the news that your sweet, Dear, Pushy Sunshine Smile Leader The Affirmative Action Illegitimate Prednint-In-Training Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior is allowing RENDITION TO CONTINUE, haven't you? World Bulletin:

    US media reported that US President Obama signed an order for CIA to continue carrying out the controversial Bush-era kidnappings as one of his first works.

    According to the report, Obama did so just two days after becoming president.

    So-called "renditions" include secret abductions and transfers of prisoners to countries that collabarate [sic] with the United States.

Remember all the bloodcurdling screams from The Pbama Cultists over rendition and torture when George W. Bush was in the White House?

Where are all the bloodcurdling screams from the Cultists now, now that their Dear Leader is handling rendition in the same manner as Bush?

Pbama can have you picked up off the street for no reason, without any warrant and fly you to an unspecified Eastern European or Middle East country and you can be held indefinitely and without being formerly charged with a crime! Why, this OUTRAGED THE PBAMA CULTISTS when Bush operated in this manner. Now, Pbama does the same thing and what do we hear from his Cultists? (** crickets chirping **)

"He's NOT my Führer."

Pbama already is bullying the UK. Guardian:

    The government was accused last night of hiding behind claims of a threat to national security to suppress evidence of torture by the CIA on a prisoner still held in Guantánamo Bay.

    An unprecedented high court ruling yesterday blamed the US, with British connivance, for keeping the "powerful evidence" secret, sparking criticism from lawyers, campaigners and MPs, who claimed the government had capitulated to American bullying.

    Two senior judges said they were powerless to reveal the information about the torture of Binyam Mohamed, an Ethiopian-born British resident, because David Miliband, the foreign secretary, had warned the court the US was threatening to stop sharing intelligence about terrorism with the UK.

    In a scathing judgment, the judges said the evidence, and what MI5 knew about it, must remain secret because according to Miliband, the American threats meant "the public of the United Kingdom would be put at risk".

Prison Planet squarely and fairly assesses Pbama as the bully:

    “Two senior British judges have expressed their anger and surprise that President Barack Obama’s Government has put pressure on Britain to suppress evidence of torture in US custody,” reports the London Times.

    “Lord Justice Thomas and Mr Justice Lloyd Jones said they had been told that America had threatened to stop co-operating with Britain on intelligence matters if evidence were published suggesting that Binyam Mohammed, a British resident held at the US prison camp at Guantánamo Bay, had been tortured into confessing crimes.”

    In their ruling, the judges, acting on behalf of the Foreign Office & Commonwealth Office, scorned the hypocrisy behind the Obama administration’s actions.

That knot and lump in the stomach of suppressed rage and denial in every Pbama Cultist must be growing larger every day.


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Go Dave! Another brilliant piece as usual!

I love your stinging, caustic, direct to the point comments to the oh so self-righteous left. I hope this betrayal by their selected lord and master has left a deep cut in them. Your comments must feel like a salt, iodine and vinegar mix being directly placed on that wound! I would have made the analogy that your comments must feel like placing "Bengay" in their jock-straps but as we all know none of them actually has any balls to speak of.

I was so sick of hearing them bitch about Bush while the entire time he was keeping us safe! No lefty or lib I know will now even discuss the subject when it was something that they mentioned on a daily basis when Bush was in office.

Keep up the outstanding work!! Many more people than you probably realize read your Blogg!!
David the cynic in me really wonders if the two parties are not just an illusion of choice with both roads leading to no personal freedoms and membership in some global crap union.
Theodore...why am I inclined to think that you're a diehard Liberal proffering effusive praise as satire? You wouldn't do that, would you?

I agree, it was sad that Bush kept us safe. He should have allowed another attack. That's why the whole world loves Pbama, he's a weak Pacifist and an Appeaser.

Many more people will read your comment than you realize, "Theodore." It's satire at its bestest!

Yeah, I don't disagree. My gut reaction is the Libs will drive us straight to hell at 100 MPH while the Repubs will get us there but only going 50 MPH.

Which is why for both the 06 and 08 elections advocated for the ousting of all incumbents, regardless of their party. Not enough people voted that way, though.
Dave I think you are right. The libs are willing to sign us on to anything to make us better global citizens and the Industrialist wing of Repub party wants that cheap labor. You are probably right about the relative speed thing. So how do we get off this ride?
DD, No excessive praise from me at the momement. I haven't set up a church to start worshiping your ideals, yet. I just find it rare on the web that people are as forth-right in their opinions regarding the current administration as you are. You write the stuff that many people I know are thinking. Also you keep the "race stuff" to an absolute bare miminum which clearly seperates you from many other anti-Pbama websites and adds real validity to your arguments that can't be dodged by the oppiste side through invoking terms like: Hate-Crime or Tolerance, both of which I loath. If I have a major problem with something you write, you'll get some negative reviews from me so don't worry.

Thanks for your input, I have the similar "take" that you do: The libs are willing to sign us on to anything to make us better global citizens and the Industrialist wing of Repub party wants that cheap labor. You are probably right about the relative speed thing.

How do we get off this ride? Well, barring you or I from being named dictator, I don't know that we do get of the ride...yet.

An economic disaster would be my prediction of what the US would have to experience before it "reorganized" itself. Other countries experiencing the same type of economic conditions that we are may have to go through the same thing before they get better.

"We're broke, financially" - is what will have to happen to the U.S. before we get off the ride. That's the type of hard slap in the face hit we're going to have to take before we realize that the elitists in both parties have been AWOL and have gotten us into this fiasco.

And a slow recovery comes afterwards.

And you? How do we get off the ride?
My above comment, btw, isn't very fleshed out. Short of govt cutting back on all spending in ways that would have the liberals screaming (like eliminating the Dept. of Energy and Dept. of Energy) - I don't see how we get off the ride in any way but being forced off by economic disaster. The other way is for the Feds to reduce and downsize big time, cut interest rates and capital gains. But this Admin ain't gonna be doing that.

Fair enough. I thought perhaps I was being "tweaked" with sarcasm. Not that I mind. I realize I can dish it out, but I also know I can take it.

There's a lot of web sites and blogs that take their pot shots at any politician regardless of party affiliation and it's often just opinon not back up by fact. Every time I write something that is distinctly opion, I say so. When I state facts or statistical information, I link to and back-up those things with what I consider to be valid and factual references. Except in the case of Wikipedia, which I use only as a reference so that the reader can get a general sense of an issue or topic which they may not be familiar.

I * DO * hold Republicans, Conservatives and Independents to the same standard I do Liberals and Progressives. Anyone walking away from this blog thinking that I'm a "Bushie" couldn't be more wrong. Not saying you said or think this. Am just sayin'.

I've used race, tolerance, ageism, sexism, ethnicity and other issues when I've wanted to illustrate absurdity by being absurd and/or when I want to provoke The Left for their hypocrisy on these issues, such as feigning to be so pro-Civil Rights while they've had a former Klan man in their party for 50 years in Robert Byrd.

As I said, fair enough with your original comment, your point duly noted. I encourage commenters to have their say when then differ with my take on things.

Let me know when or if you do start up that church. I'm looking for a tax-exempt entity to join.
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