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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pbama Administration Rocked
By A Number of Setbacks (Rocked!)

Is the White House already in trouble asks the L.A. Times:

    It's been a tough 10 days in the life of the 4-week-old Obama White House.

    Tom Daschle has to withdraw as the president's pick for secretary of Health and Human Services for failing to pay more than $120,000 in taxes.

    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who managed to squeeze through confirmation hearings despite his own tax problems, bombs in laying out the president's new Wall Street rescue plan. The street tanks.

    Sen. Judd Gregg, the independent-minded Republican senator from New Hampshire (which kind of describes the whole state) decides at the last minute that he doesn't want to be President Obama's secretary of Commerce after all.


    Just as stunning, Obama lauds Caterpillar CEO Jim Owens for saying that if Congress passes his $789-billion stimulus package, Caterpillar will be able to rehire some of the 22,000 workers recently laid off. Then Owens says, Not so fast, maybe not. And this after Obama invited him on Air Force One en route to the company's plant in East Peoria!

    So where's the White House advance team? The vetting team? Critics are piling on.

    Morning Joe Scarborough said on MSNBC this morning that if his congressional staff had messed up this badly, he'd have fired them. The Wall Street Journal called Gregg's announcement "a fresh embarrassment for an administration rocked by a number of setbacks ... two days after a bank rescue plan was widely panned by financial markets and lawmakers from both parties." As CBS Evening News' Bob Schieffer put it:

      "To have these incidents happening over and over again, this does not help this administration's credibility. There's no other way you can say it."

CNBC's Jim Cramer had the following to say about Pbama's stimupork:

    "The only thing historic here is how useless this package is when it comes to confronting any of our serious problems," Cramer said. "Congress passed a pastiche of tax cuts and pork-laden handouts to state governments. Great, it’ll help my municipal bond portfolio."


    "Tell me, what does it do to solve housing?" Cramer asked. "What does it do to solve unemployment? How about the ever-hideous banking crisis? No? Anyone who follows the economy knows this stimulus package is a total and utter joke."

    The blame for the failure of this massive spending should be placed on Congress, said the “Mad Money” host.

    "Congress, heh – OK, I’m a diplomat and an elder statesman and gentleman farmer in the mold of Thomas Jefferson, with a little Frank Lesser mixed in, and all I say is these guys and dolls – they are just plain clueless."


    "...how does Congress respond to the foreclosure crisis in its stimulus package?" Cramer asked. "With a solution that’s about as efficacious as an invisible garment. It adds $500 to a tax credit for first time homebuyers. Five-hundred dollars – I got that in my pocket for heaven’s sake. Yeah, I’m sure that’ll do a world of good."

I can't wait for the next Pbama-Pelosi-Reid Stimupork Bill. What will they piss money away on next?

Oh, Magic Negro Pbama, look into your magic crystal...the crystal ball, not the drug! - and tell us how the future looks with your Pbamanomics plan:


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I've been taking a lotta shite over this little thought, that occurred to me today...

"Okay, so this useless Congress voted today, on a bill they freely admit to have not read.

Barky hasn't even read it.

So doesn't that make them just as pathetic dumbasses as all those clowns that signed mortgage documents, allegedly without understanding them?"


In other news, you'll be happy to know that, supposedly, Anita Drobny has admitted husband Sheldon has suffered a breakdown and is currently in the psych ward of a local hospital...

See what trying to negotiate with Randi Rhodes will do to you, LOL?

I have not one bit of pity for any of them. The meanest critters on God's Green Earth...
Lets not forget about Obama's choice for Secretary of Labor. As a very clear payback for the millions the Unions donated, he chose that miserable C**T (CommunisT, what did you think I was going to say?) lobbyist and House ethics violator Hilda "We are all Americans whether legalized or not" Solis. You seriously need to do another piece on that worthless split-tail.
Cramer is one of those people who can be right and an idiot all at the same time. He is correct that the Stimu-pork plan is an unmitigated disaster. He is an idiot for saying Commiegress owns it all. I Fradius has been burning tax payer dollars being flown around to shill for this lousy Leftard wet dream. I Fraudius owns it period. Commiegress are his Brownshirts. It is all a lie wrapped in fraud and layered with stimupork. The ACORN appointed messiah loves this porky bill. He will sign it into law. He will throw tons of pork at ACORN so he can be reappointed again and again. Mice will benefit as well and that huuuuge $500 tax credit ought to sell every home on the market in ten days. As Billy Mays says... "Amazing!" Even more amazing, it didn't take 100 days for I Fraudius and Commiegress to fuck the eyes clean out of our heads.
Dave, what a reckless exaggerator you are! Everyone knows that obama smoked crack cocaine and not crytal meth! Besides, he only smoked crack when he was having gay sex! So be fair to the libtards and try and keep your facts straight! Thank you.
I hope he keeps having Gerald Ford moments

You're right: "doesn't that make them just as pathetic dumbasses as all those clowns that signed mortgage documents, allegedly without understanding them?"

That's exactly right. "The dog ate my homework" - although, that excuse doeswork for Liberals.

Glad you reminded me of Hilda Solis. Yeah, there's a post on her further on down the page but she escaped my memory for the moment. That's why I value comments that catch the details. Thanks.

Cramer is one of those people who can be right and an idiot all at the same time.

I agree. And I cannot add anything more to your comment. You have summed up the pork bill quite well. I agree with you completely.

There you go, again correcting me on meth/crack/crystal. Shush! I'm trying to plant that crystal rumor about Pbama, dang it.

Doesn't it seem longer than almost 4 weeks that he's been in office. Does it not seem like he should be done with his first term and voted out?
Yes, it does. The guy is an idiot. I hope in twenty years we're still around so that I can call him the Rabble Rouser.
At some point, maybe after one and only one disastrous first term, the Libs will dislike Pbama as intently as they disliked Hillary. The camps will remain divided. And yeah, that would be nice to see.
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