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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Michelle Pbama's Doggie Bag of Drugs?

You recall the story from only days ago of Michelle Pickles Pbama, The Dangerous Washerwoman and the doggie bag she was carrying this past Friday night?

Well...I heard there were drugs in the bag. Lots and lots of drugs. Think of it, what better way for the prednint to get his drugs than via a doggie bag being carried by his wife. The Secret Service is isn't going to inspect it. No one is.

What's in the bag? Bricks of coke? Weed? Meth?

Ingenious. I bet Bubba never thought of making Hillary the mule by carrying the doggie bag. Or, Bubba tried but Hillary - figuratively speaking - crushed his sac at his even mentioning she do this for him.

What's in the bag there, Pickles?

And why does His Excellency (see photo inset) look so angry? Maybe he was in a hurry to smoke/shoot/puff up? Could be.

And look at his eyes. He has those glow in the dark-flash photography eyes. Isn't this one of the dead giveaways that a politician is one of those Reptilian-Alien-Humanoids here to conquer and rule us? Well, for sure he will rule, not govern. Is Pbama an Alien overlord?

If someone in the kitchen of the restaurant knows what really went into that bag, let me know. Leave an anonymous comment. If you ask me not to publish the comment, just say so and I will respect your wishes. But if you know what's really in that bag, let me know. Thanks.


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You're right. Pbama looks like he's ready to go on a crystal meth induced Nazi killing spree. Pickles actually looks happy. Go figure. Must be some really good shit in that sack o fun.
Dave, Please don't be so coy, you know darn well what's in that bag! It's what Pickles has wanted for a very long time. Her very own Michael Signator mask. Now she can have sex with Obama whenever she wants. All she has to do is put that mask on! She how happy she is....Of course she'll need a strap-on as well......
Molson, yeah he does look like he's ready for a Nazi meth induced killing spree. All that's missing is the little mustache and the Sieg Heil.
"Her very own Michael Signator mask."

LMAO! Brilliant!
I remember writing a little post about Obama's anger (took me a while to find it). I remember everyone saying how calm and collected he was... how he was in control of his emotions and never showed his anger.

To me... that was the very show of how much of an anger problem he just might have. He was so in control that when he was provoked, he had a hard time just being real. The more he controlled his anger, the more he looked like a wife beater. He's too easy to provoke and that spells danger for all of us.

Here... I found the post. :)

Darn... I apparently can't get it to work right. Sorry.
I agree, Bug, I think he is easily provoked. And this does spell DANGER.
Take out from a restaurant you bigoted ass hat! You've got seven more years to suffer and then likely 20 more years after that because people like you are a dying breed.

What a fucking cunt you are!
2 bricks of coke
2 compressed bricks of weed
1 brick meth
5,000 hits Extasy

I work in the kitchen. I know.
Diane, blah blah blah...

You must be under the false impression I care what you think.
Thanks for the infor Ge. Now we know what's in that bag!
As a newcomer around here, I'm not sure if you're attempting to be funny or serious. However, the ONLY way this is the least bit funny would be if you were being totally serious and then the joke's on you.
To Anony at 12:29 AM, June 19, 2009:

You don't know Obama is a crack cocaine smoking freak?

You best catch up on the facts, foole.
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