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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Chomsky Tinkles All Over Pbama

Oh, the irony...the rich, sweet, chocolaty, nougaty, creamy, fudgy, caramel, whipped cream on top irony!

Well-known American America-Hater Noam Chomsky
takes a healthy leak on His Excellency Dear Leader Pushy Sunshine Smile The Illegitiamte Prednint Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior:

    Article Title: Chomsky: No change coming with Obama

    Chomsky: Well, it was pretty clear that Obama would accept the Bush doctrine that the United States can bomb Pakistan freely, and there have been many case which are quite serious.


    ...the first message to the new Obama administration by President [Hamid] Karzai of Afghanistan was the same, that he wanted no more bombings. He also said that he wants a timetable for the withdrawal of the foreign troops, US and other troops, from Afghanistan. That was of course just ignored.


    Press TV: Robert Gates and Admiral [Mike] Mullen have been talking about the 16-month timeline for withdrawal from Iraq is just one of the options, a slight difference from what Obama has been saying in the campaign. And, Hillary Clinton famously said she was prepared to obliterate all of Iran and kill 70 million citizens. On Iraq and Iran what do you see as changes?

    Chomsky: In the case of Iran, Obama's statements have not been as inflammatory as Clinton's, but they amount to pretty much the same thing. He said all options are open. Well, what does all options mean? Presumably that includes nuclear war, you know, that is an option.

    There is no indication that he is willing to take the steps, say, that the American population wants.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I love it! Chomsky pissing all over Pbama! Hit the link and read the entire article. It's fantastic!

Gosh, you know...I'm starting to like Noamy a little!

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Oh, he hates Barky...

Why d'ya think his books are still on my mantel, LOL?
I hope the liberals turn and devour each other, laying waste too all but the middle.

Just as they've said many times, I could live with a moderate liberal. Of course, by that I mean a compassionate one, but one that also realizes throwing money at our social problems isn't the answer.

I'm pretty much disgusted with the Republicans, too. True conservatives are fairly rare in the party, IMHO.
Chomsky hates the USA before Obama and wouldn't change that stance unless Obama openly took orders from the left in Europe.........Maybe. I am not surprised at all.
Hash...you have Chomsky on the mantle? I am not surprised! ;-)

I give Noam credit for not having the usual double-standard most Libs have and holding Pbama to the same standards that he did Bush. I give Chomsky credit for this.

I agree pretty much. I could live with a moderate Democrat, not sure a moderate "Liberal", I know what you mean, we're talking the same thing - I think - just using different words.

There's something to be said for the Blue Dog democrat ideology, and that they are willing to stand up to the tax and spend Libs who are the majority of their party.

It makes ya wonder why Chomsky lives here. Oh, I wonder if its the notoriety, above average income, celeb status and comfortable lifestyle?
it takes such bravery to stand up to a government that is designed for you to stand up to...
Arc, yep. Until Pbama takes that away from us.
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