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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Army Officer Calls Pbama An Imposter

A U.S. Army Officer has called His Excellency Dear Leader The Illegal and Illegitimate Prednint Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior an "impostor."

From Military.com

    Using words such as "imposter" and "usurper," an active-duty Army officer in Iraq has joined a California lawyer's lawsuit intended to force President Barack Obama to prove he is a legal U.S. citizen, and therefore able to legally serve as the commander in chief.

    "Until Mr. Obama releases a 'vault copy' of his original birth certificate for public review, I will consider him neither my Commander in Chief nor my President, but rather, a usurper to the Office -- an impostor," 1st Lt. Scott R. Easterling states in his letter published at Defendourfreedoms.com.

    An Army spokesman told Military.com today that officials are aware of Easterling's letter.


    Easterling [was] a KBR contractor in Iraq in 2005 and 2006, then joined the Army when it raised the maximum enlistment age to 40. He said he attended Officer Candidate School and was commissioned a second lieutenant in August 2007.

    After an assignment to Fort Knox, Ky., he was deployed to Balad. He was promoted to first lieutenant on Feb. 2.

    He said in his letter that it pains him to join the lawsuit against Obama, "but as an Officer, my sworn oath to support and defend our Constitution requires this action."

    "I implore all Service-members and citizens to contact their Senators and Representatives and demand that they require Mr. Obama prove his eligibility. Our Constitution and our great nation must not be allowed to be disgraced."

It sounds like Mr. Easterling is a stand-up kind of guy who is having a conflict with his alleged Commander In Chief not being who he claims to be.

This type of language and behavior was lauded and celebrated by The Pbama Cultists and The Left - they said it was "brave" - when a Solider spoke out against George W. Bush. Now, with Easterling, watch The Pbama Cultists tear him down the way they did with Joe The Plumber.

"He's not my Führer and he's an Impostor."

In related news, Occidental College received a subpoena to release Pbama's record. Sonoran News:

    Attorney Gary Kreep with the United States Justice Foundation, a public interest law firm, who is representing [Alan] Keyes, served Occidental College with a subpoena for Obama’s records.

    Occidental’s lawyer, Stuart W. Rudnick of Musick, Peeler & Garrett, faxed the subpoena to Obama’s Attorney Frederic D. Woocher of Strumwasser & Woocher, acknowledging it appeared valid on its face and the college would have no choice other than to comply with the subpoena absent a court instructing otherwise.

    Woocher subsequently contacted Kreep regarding the subpoena, stating, “It will likely not surprise you to hear that President-elect Obama opposes production of the requested records,” and asked whether he would be willing to agree to voluntarily cancel or withdraw the subpoena.

    If it became necessary instead to file a motion to quash to the subpoena and Obama prevailed, Woocher said full monetary sanctions would be sought.

What is in Pbama's background that is so damaging that he will not authorize the release of any school, college and university records?

Why won't he release his Vault Copy of his Birth Certificate? Well, because it would show he was born in Kenya.

Why would his grandmother say that she witnessed his birth in Kenya? Why would she lie? What does she have to gain?

When it is finally proven that Pbama was born in Kenya, will he resign or will he have to be impeached? And once he's tossed out of the White House, we have the Constitutional Crisis of every bill he signed into law and every treaty or agreement he signs being invalid.

And we thought Worst.President.Ever. Jimmy Carter left us with a mess?


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1st Lt. Easterling is a brave man. The Dear Leader cannot be questioned without repercussions. So I wonder if Gitmo will really be closed or just repurposed? Something tells me 1st Lt. Easterling isn't going to back down any way.
Ahhhh, it begins!I hope we have a true "crossing of the Rubicon" situation soon.

Et tu, Kudatz?
Molson, I agree, Easterling isn't backing down and he needs our support. Yep. He's doing the work that the MSM has spent 2+ years covering up and not doing.
KM - let the cartoon begin!
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