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Friday, February 13, 2009

$13 Bucks A Week

Oooooh.......(** wiping perspiration from my brow **) - what are we all going to do with the money His Excellency Dear Leader The Illegitimate Prednint Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior and his Fellow Fascists are going to allow us to keep?

Are you paying attention?

Get ready.

You might want to sit yourselves down, in the event you were to faint from the shock you can slump back into the chair.

I know you must be drooling with glorified visions in your head of just what you're going to do with all that fucking money, and you should be...

...because Pbama is going to let us keep...

...( DRUM ROLL!)...

...an extra $13 dollar a week: (That IS NOT A MISPRINT OR TYPO! Thirteen-big smackaroos extra a week! Woooo Hoooo! We're all going to be Daddy Warbucks in no time under Pbamanomics!)

    Officials estimated it would mean about $13 a week more in people's paychecks this year when withholding tables are adjusted in late spring. Next year, the measure could yield workers about $8 a week. Critics say that's unlikely to do much to boost consumption.

    "The most highly touted tax cut in the original proposal now translates into $7.70 a week for middle-class workers," said Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

    Millions of people receiving Social Security benefits would get a one-time payment of $250 under the agreement, along with veterans receiving pensions, and poor people receiving Supplemental Security Income payments.

Whoa...this is sure going to stimulate spending, huh? We're on easy street from here!

I hope McConnell isn't speaking like this $13 and $8 a week bump is some kind of accomplishment. It's not. It's tragic.

That $13 is taxable income, so figure you'll net a bit more than half.

The tax credits in the bill are just that, tax credits; which are not the same as tax cuts. If you're not a first-time home buyer or looking to buy a brand new car (who is, pre-owned/used car sales are increasing) then there is little in it for you.

Aren't Pbama and His Fascist Regime Generous?

$13 fucking dollars. Gee, Barry...Nanny...Harry...are you sure the government will be okay without that $13? I wouldn't want to compromise any entitlements whose budgets were heinously axed just so I could get an extra, whopping $13 a week. Are you sure our infrastructure can handle doling out $13 extra dollars per week to people who work?

Any Republican who votes to approve this stimulus legislation is not a Conservative.


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For the maff, 13 a week, for everyone in the country, works out to 236 billion dollars for ONE WHOLE YEAR. Since the money is NOT going to start until June, that works out to 118 billion.

118 billion amounts to less than 20% of the money of the Welfare for Welfare Bill. What is the other 80%? Pork, pure and simple.
Hey Dave! Can you do me a favor and give me a rough etimate on how much crack $13 bucks will get me? Should I ask for the Barry Soroto super-saver discount?
I can always count on you to crunch the numbers, Two Dogs! Thanks.

So, whattaya gonna spend all your money on? ;-)
Hey Theodore. I'm afraid I don't know the answer to your question. I bet Barry will know, as you say. I'm guessing that with Barry's mark-up a nickel bag will cost two weeks worth (ie $26)! ;-)
Well, at first I thought condoms, but with 540 million dollars of condom distribution in this bill, I gotta come up with something else.
Two Dogs, yeah, the condom thing was Peloshit's idea and payback to her San Fran family values KKKrowd, wasn't it?

It's insanity. We are doomed.
I'm buying vasolene... by this time next year i'm hoping that this change will let me protect my start up business

Saw a great shirt, said, "NoBama, Keep the change."
Great shirt slogan! That's great! Oh, so damn true!
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