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Friday, January 09, 2009

Was Jett Travolta's Funeral Green?

One of John Travolta's green and eco-friendly homes mansions.

The death of actor John Travolta's 16-year old son Jett is sad. The death of children is a tragedy (unless it's the death of a Kennedy or a Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaida, Taliban child training to be a terrorist/suicide bomber).

Don't go believing that I am belittling or poking fun at the death of Jett Travolta. I'm not.

But, since John Travolta is such a hardliner preacher of global warming caused by humans, I feel I must ask him: was the funeral of your son green?

Think of the many so-called non-renewable resources used up in the death of any one person, at least by the funeral standards of Western Civilization. Think of the carbon footprint created by a funeral.

So...John...was Jett's funeral green? Was it eco-friendly?

Did the famous and the celebrities who attended the funeral travel by private jet or did they fly "commercial?" If they traveled by private jet, did they ensure that they contributed to a bonafide carbon-offset program to counter their carbon footprint?

I don't know what the doctrine of Travolta's religion of Scientology may or may not suggest, but when someone dies, the body is often prepared for viewing by draining the blood and replacing it with embalming fluid. Embalming fluid...ick...that doesn't sound too green, does it? Embalming fluid contains a mixture of formaldehyde, methanol, ethanol and other solvents [and] in the United States alone, enough embalming fluid is buried every year to fill eight Olympic-size pools.

Wow...eight Olympic-size pools' worth of embalming fluid buried into the earth every year in the U.S. alone. That can't possibly be good for the environment. I'm pretty sure embalming fluid isn't a renewable resource.

I sure hope Jett Travolta wasn't injected with embalming fluid because that is so contrary to his father's near-religious embrace in believing that humans cause so-called global warming.

What about all the vehicles involved in Jett's funeral? Were the vehicles powered by ethanol or some other non-petroleum based fuel?

Is the hearse made by Prius? Gee, I sure hope so. It wouldn't be a green funeral if it wasn't.

What about all the flowers? Oh, sure, you say that we can always grow more flowers. But a flower isn't all that different from a tree, and the Hardcore Environmentalists tell us we should never, ever, under any circumstance, cut down a tree for any reason. I make the same argument for all of those poor flowers that were cut down - killed - in the prime of their lives for no other reason than to beautify Jett Travolta's funeral. Those poor flowers...those poor poor flowers. Those flowers would be feeding bees and providing shelter for other insects, but no...they had to be killed for Jett Travolta's funeral.

Will Jett be buried in a coffin? Let's hope not, because The Left tells us that burying our dead in the traditional manner negatively effects the environment...all that seepage of poisonous minerals into the earth and ground water.

Will Jett be cremated? Let's hope not, because I don't think the energy used to heat the body and burn it to ashes is renewable energy. Even if it was, think of all the pollution and particulate matter from the cremation process that must be vented outside into the atmosphere and the air we breathe. Heck, if the militant non-smokers don't want to inhale one breath of second-hand cigarette smoke in the outdoors, I certainly don't want to be forced to inhale molecules of Jett's cremated body. Icky!

A steady stream of catering trucks and florists entered the [Travolta home] Thursday. I sure hope the "steady stream" is green.

The funeral of Jett Travolta is sad. Let's hope his uber-Green dad made certain to have the most environmental friendly and carbon-offsetting funeral he could afford. And with his millions, he should be able to afford a green and eco-neutral funeral for his son.


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Wait, John Travolta is NOT GAY? He had sex with a woman?

Wonders shall never cease.

Sorry that he lost a kid though. That's gotta be tough. I'll say a prayer to God for John's spaceship or whatever those idiots call "kids."

Weird that he named his kid after the rock star on The Jetson's though. Do Scientologists worship The Jetsons?
I also recall the Travolta gay stories. Many of them.

I thought both his kids were adopted. Maybe they actually are his? Maybe it was turkey baster time in the Travolta house?

The death of the kid is sad. If Johnny is a true greenie, the funeral will be green and eco friendly.
Huffpoo readers everywhere are offended by this post. The pants wetting will be epidemic. Global warming hypocrisy is religion to the leftarded. It simply cannot be questioned. Leftards don't really give a fuck about Jett or anyone but themselves and their twisted ideology. Fuck them. Fuck them far up their carbon based asses.
I agree Molson and I will add another "fuck them" to yours!

(hey, you gotta post a comment on the Fat Ted post with a guess-timate on what date Fat Ted will kick the bucket.)
Oh, and Molson, I will publish your guesstimate tomorrow - or Saturday as I may not be online tomorrow. I gotta sign off for the day now and get a few things taken care of.

Thanks for visiting and commenting, as always. Ditto to you too, Two Dogs.
Are you kidding me? The man lost a child and you want to jump him for not being "green" enough? Please find another outlet for your problems. Or read the book "The Shack". Judgement of others is not ours to pass. Living relationships is all we need to do. Please think of other people before you pass any judgement.
Jett was cremated in the Bahamas and his ashes flown back to the States by John Travolta.

At least, that's what I heard.

That doesn't look like a house...it looks like a school!
"Bliss" sounds unhappy. Unhappy Bliss.

Contradictory much?
Bliss, why is when I clicked on your name it brought me to a page that stated Profile Not Available, nor did I see a link to your blog. Are you a chickenshit?

Hey Bliss, ask me if I give a rip what you think about what I wrote? Answer: not a flying fuck. There, how's that?

You'd be better off spending your time at liberal blogs chastising them for being the judgmental crowd. Same for John Travolta, being he is such a judgmental hypocrite when it comes to so-called global warming.

I don't have any problems that need an outlet, although it appears you do.

I'll pass judgment whenever and on whomever I please, just like the liberals always do. If you don't like that, I suggest you refrain from visiting and reading my blog.

I won't be reading any book suggested by a looney-tunes like you. Nice try, no sale.

Thanks for the info Groovy.

So Jett was cremated? I had not heard that. Well, let's hope his parents paid the necessary carbon-offsets to pay for polluting the air with Jett's molecules.

I have a question for you. I know you will not reply, but I'll ask it anyway.

Please provide links to other sites where you chastised and condemned all the nasty things the media, bloggers and Liberal Talk Radio hosts said about the death of Anna Nicole Smith and those who perpetuated the lie that her own son Daniel fathered her daughter Dannilynn.

Considering you're riding on such a high horse, you MUST BE on record condemning Liberal Radio Talker Ed Schultz who called Anna Nicole a "dead whore." And you MUST BE on record in the comment section of Liberal Radio Talkers Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhodes who perpetuated the lie that Anna was having an incestuous relationship with her son.

Now, mind you, if you can't provide links to your past comments condemning those who spoke ill of Anna Nicole and her son, then you are a fraud and go fuck yourself.

See? It't that easy. PUT UP THE PROOF, OR SHUT THE FUCK UP. It's that simple.
Two Dogs,

Yep. And Bliss rhymes with Piss!

And have you noticed I'm being far less tolerant of Liberals who comment here? I'm starting to enjoy treating them like the third-class Communists that they are.
David, at least you are finally coming to treat them like they treat those of us that allow them to survive. The more people that get to the point of withdrawing their necks from the guillotine, the better.

Welcome to the club, sir, you alliance was desperately needed and desired.
Yep Two Dogs. Remember the jokes the Libs cracked about the death of Anna Nicole Smith? Recall their allegations that her son (who died 5-6 months before she did) was having an incestuous affair with his mom and that HE was the real father of DanniLynn.

Where was BLISS in condemning them?

Fuck the uber-Lib-haters. They will be treated by me exactly as they have treated others.

If you hear any good Jett Travolta jokes, make sure you let me know.
I pretty much hate liberals and I enjoy caustic sarcasm but you are an idiot. You obviously have no children, probably because you are overweight and ugly, regardless, I think you have answered my lifelong question of "do stupid people realize they are stupid?" No, they think they are smart and funny and start blogs. Grow up asshole.
So sayeth the BobPatri, "do stupid people realize they are stupid?" No, they think they are smart and funny and start blogs. Grow up asshole."

Bob, you are commenting on one of them there blogs, so obviously you read them there blogs. What does that make you, sir? Responding to a person that you regard as stupid makes you a __________?

Fucking douchenozzle.

P.S. The answer is NOT genius.
Gee, Bob, I see by clicking on your hypertext name you joined blogger in January 2009 and your disabled profile has been viewed twice, one of which was mine. BWA HA HA HA HA!

Yeah, Bob, use the "I hate liberals too," line in a weak attempt to bolster legitimacy in your comment. You're a raving Lib.

Ask me if I give a fuck what you think about what I write here? Go ahead.

Here's a question for you: does an asshole know it stinks? Answer: sniff yourself. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Loser!
Two Dogs, Bob is a used douche.

Not to worry, I enjoy comments from asshats like Bob. It's what keeps me going and, any comment like that from Bob, I know I've riled 'em up and exposed them for the hypocrites they done be!
January 13, 2009 @ 4:03 a.m.

To ALL the Idiots who obviously do NOT have a heart, much less a mind, perhaps not even a soul...just because John Travolta has a belief in anything different from you own, doesn't mean you have the right to say something so cruel in the aftermath of his only son's death. Just think if it was your only son? Make no mistake, with God, you surely are taking your life into your own hands. At least John does care about the world God has created. You don't seem to care about anything, including yourself, especially in God's eyes. That is why God sent His Only Son, to show us how to walk amongst each other. Didn't your parents raise you to know that if you didn't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all? Think about someone else's feelings besides your own for once.
By the way, your jealously will make you even more bitter and evil than you already are, not to mention age you faster, is this why you're so jealous. Ugly inside, ugly outside, so it seems. I pray for people like you & your children everyday, I know John & his family also does.

By the way, what happens to be your name?

Another Blessed by God
Uh, Another? John Travolta worships a friggin' space creature, he's a Scientologist. Are you one of them there morons I keep hearing so much about?

You MUST BE BRAND NEW TO THE INTERNET AND LIBERAL TALK RADIO. Have you investigated the "hate" they spew and registered your compalint with them as well?

I don't understand your question: By the way, what happens to be your name?

Please do a survey asking all the Bush Haters:

Didn't your parents raise you to know that if you didn't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?

...and make sure you report back to us on the results.

I'm agnostic. Have been for many years.

I clicked on your hypertext name. You are yet another non-existent blogger, probably a raving liberal, a Blame America Firster, aren't you.

Make sure you report those results back to us as I asked. My guess is you won't be return. Unless you sign up using another alias with blogger and A) never blog and B) never enable your profile. Loser. What's it like to be a bible thumping chump?

Fuck John Travolta. If he cared about the enviro or earth he'd fly commercial and live in a much smaller home.
Two Dogs,

This post sure brought the whackos crawling out of the woodwork, didn't it?

Funny thing is, most of 'em sound pretty liberal to me. They probably cheered when Reagan, Ford, Heston and Falwell died. But oh...treat their precious fellow libs in the same manner and they whine like the bottle babies they be.

John Travolta is a hypocrite on the environment. I'm just pointing it out and making fun of it.
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