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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day?
No, It Was Pushy Sunshine Smile Day

Pushy Sunshine Smile Day, that's what Tuesday was...Pushy Sunshine Smile Day.

What a great phrase describing The Affirmative Action Illegitimate Prednint-In-Training Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior.

Prednint Inaugural? No...it was Pushy Sunshine Smile Day!

That Pushy Sunshine Smile phrase was coined by Juergen Gansel, a deputy in the Saxony state legislature from the far-right National Democratic Party of Germany. The Telegraph:

    "Barack Obama hides this declaration of war behind his pushy sunshine smile," Mr Gansel, whose party sympathises with neo-Nazi groups, said that Mr Obama's election was the result of "the American alliance of Jews and Negroes".

    He concluded by declaring his hopes that Mr Obama's government is unsuccessful.

I, of course, condemn racist and prejudice behavior speech nor could I possibly agree with Gansel's
National Democratic Party (hmmmm, Democratic Party) that would sympathize with neo-Nazi groups. But I do have to hand it to Gansel for coining the phrase, "Pushy Sunshine Smile." It's pure genius because that's all Pbama is - a phony, Pushy Sunshine Smile. Pbama is Slick Barry; slicker than Bubba could have ever dreamed of being.

So, if I'm not mistaken, Tuesday, January 20, was Pushy Sunshine Smile Day, not Inaugural Day.

Wanted: For Pushy Sunshine Smile

A few brief items I noticed while watching as little as Pushy Sunshine Smile Day as possible:

* Oath of Office: Neither Pbama or Idiot Biden will protect the United States against our enemies. Both are cowards, both are appeasers, both are weak. It's only a matter of time until the U.S. experiences another domestic terrorist attack. The terrorists know they can get away with it with The Pacifists in The White House.

* The Affirmative Action Illegitimate Prednint-In-Training Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior was wearing his U.S. Flag lapel pin! Su-prise, Su-prise, Su-prise.

* Bubba Clinton did not look happy at all, ever, when the cameras were on him. He looked pissed; like he'd rather be anywhere but attending Pushy Sunshine Smile Day. Actually, I don't blame him.

* Hillary Clinton (Bubba, too) snubbed Worst.President.Ever. Jimmy "The Hamas-Loving/Jew-Hating" Carter and his wife Rosalyn. While the Clintons were very friendly greeting both former President George H.W. Bush and wife Barbara, Bubba and Hillary had nothing to do with the Carters, snubbing them. Again, I don't blame the Clintons one bit.

* What on earth was Michelle Pickles The Dangerous Washerwoman wearing? What was that get-up...that gold dress? It looked like the curtains or drapes from a 1960's dive, sticky-floored "adult theater" (if you know what I mean).

* I have to agree with one of my brothers who, speaking about Michelle Pickles The Dangerous Washerwoman's face, said, "when her mouth is closed, it looks like she's holding a mouthful of man-jizz that she doesn't want to swallow or spit out." Heh, yeah, my brother is a pretty funny guy. I agree with him: Swallow or spit, Michelle, swallow or spit.

* Aretha Franklin sang "My Country 'Tis of Thee." Her voice rocks, she's great, I love her. I don't know, nor do I care, about her political bent. She's a talented artist with a voice of gold. As I have often written, I do not let the political belief of any artist influence my appreciation of what they do. Aretha is great, period.

* The Pbama daughters look like demented idiots, especially Sasha. Was she dropped on her head as a child or did Barry use her as a basketball when she was younger? I still predict it will be Sasha that gets knocked up and has an abortion while in the White House. (Awwww, you Pbama Cultists think I'm being mean saying that? Awwww, my anus is crying tears for you. You spared no insult when it came to the Bush daughters or the Palin children, so don't expect me to obey your requests to "leave the children out of it." It ain't gonna happen).

* Fat Ted Tumor Head Kennedy was apparently sober enough to attend Pushy Sunshine Smile Day. Later, he had seizures and was whisked away to the hospital. This pleases me to no end, in fact, I can tell I'm getting another 4-hour-plus erection just thinking about his impending death.

* Robert "KKK" Byrd attended Pushy Sunshine Smile Day, too. He too fell ill and was whisked away to the hospital. Unconfirmed reports tell me he specifically requested that he is not to be touched by any "Negroes."


* Here's a funny and ironic moment. The television was on but I wasn't listening to the speech from Mister Pushy Sunshine Smile. Instead, I was flipping through the FM radio dial and as Pbama was flapping his jaws, one of the local radio stations was playing Black Sabbath's "War Pigs." How appropriate.

And The Pbama Cultists and Liberals who chafed and screamed bloody murder at the price tag of the 2004 George W. Bush inaugural, or who chafed and screamed bloody murder over the opulent Reagan inaugurals are all OBSERVANTLY AND DUTIFULLY SILENT ABOUT THE PRICE TAG FOR PUSHY SUNSHINE SMILE DAY.

"He's not my Führer."

I hope Pbama and his Administration fail, and I hope they fail miserably. I agree with Gansel, hoping the Pbama Government is rendered unsuccessful. Here's why: If Pbama fails, America succeeds. If Pbama succeeds; then America, Freedom, Capitalism, The Free Market and Individual Freedoms all fail.

So much for Pushy Sunshine Smile Day.


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If you experience erections lasting longer than four hours you should consult your physician.

And where' my unicorn dammit?
My exwife used to say, "are you happy to see me or is that a unicorn in your pants."

And I'd reply, no, it's a unicorn, I am not happy to see you.

Really, now that I think of it, where is my unicorn?

And why hasn't Pbama paid off my mortgage and credit card bills yet? WTF is he waiting for? Damn!
As usual, David, you did not disappoint with your post and echo my sentiments!
I'm running out of gas Mr. President....
Holy crap, you have succeeded in making yourself look too dumb to function. It's actually quite impressive that you have the ability to string together entire sentences that make even the slightest bit of sense. Do you have to remind yourself to breathe or has your brain learned that one?

And it's so nice to know you're looking forward to another human being's death. Perhaps you'd like to be the one to tell his children and grandchildren that he's gone.

I, for one, feel so much more comfortable knowing that an expert such as yourself is in the minds of the terrorists and knows what they're going to do next. Where would we be without you??

Obama wears a flag pin all the time. Once he didn't have it on like all the other sheep sharing the stage with him and all the other sheep just about exploded all over the place.

And you're seriously worried about what the First Lady was wearing??! Making fun of her clothes and her looks doesn't remind you of grade school kids on the playground?

I absolutely love the argument, "Well, you did it, so I'm gonna be just as retarded and do it too!" I was mortified when the Palin children were brought into the mix and would NEVER do the same thing to anybody, no matter how much I hated the person. Congratulations on being "better" than the rest of them.

As for the price tag of the inauguration, take a look at how much was spent for the festivities in conjunction with the security measures taken. Just in case you're not able to comprehend it, here's a hint: you should be embarrassed by your ignorant comments. They're just wrong.

You may condemn racisim but it certainly doesn't appear that way when you quote racists and call their remarks "pure genius."

In short, you are not smart.
You still paying for your gas, too?

Did ya hear that those who basked in the glory of the Moonbat Messiah left the Capitol Mall a mess? Seems like an apt metaphor for the next 8 years.
Thanks Groovy.

I appreciate your comments. They make me feel validated (see Krista's comment).
Arc, don't worry. Gas will be free soon and then we all get free electric cars.

Thank you for your kind words that I am indeed able to string sentences together.

I'd write a lengthy reply to you, but I'm not sure you'd either appreciate it or believe it.

What I do at this blog is apply the same standards to Liberals and Progressive (NOT Democrats) that they hold and apply to others.

Please let me know where you are on record at Liberal blogs and sites condemning them for rejoicing over the deaths of Ronald Reagan, Jerry Falwell, Gerald Ford and others.

In short, I am holding up a mirror to Liberals and Progressive - the Insane Liberal Clown Posse - in which they can see themselves, their actions and their deeds.

Also, feel free to let me know (I doubt you will) on what blogs and sites you registered your outrage toward the Liberals who were unrelentless in their demonizing the Palin children.

As for the cost of the inauguration, please...where is the outrage from the Left? The moonbats mercilessly bashed the cost of Bush's inaugural four years ago but today they bury the same criticism on an inaugural that cost almost triple that of Bush.

Krista, reserach and try to grasp the concepts of sarcasm, satire and illustrating absurdity by being absurd and you will be less likely to be offended by what you read here in the future.
Scaramouche, Arc ...

Gas is free here. Obama's free energy must be slowing making its way across the nation.


One final afterthought to pose to you:

You ARE aware, right, that Fat Ted Tumor Head left a woman to die a slow, agonizing death that experts say may have taken up to four hours for her to die? Mary Jo Koepechne ring a bell?

You can read about it at my post, for one place:


My post included ALL the relevant supporting links to experts, etc.

I'd like to get your thoughts on this issue. I'd like to know why you admire a man who had numerous extramaritial affairs, cheated on his wives, and who left a woman to die while he partied on into the night. He made no attempt to inform the police of what happened until the next day.

Why do you admire someone like that?

Of course, I don't expect you to reply. You won't, you can't - you can't justify his behavior.

You're familiar with Liberal Radio's Mike Malloy? If not, search my blog (upper left hand corner box, type in his name) and read about his expression of joy when somone who disagree with his politics dies.

"Well, you did it, so I'm gonna be just as retarded and do it too!"

You goddamn right I am, I'm going to treat the Libs and Progs in the same manner they've treated others. It's called Drake Karma.
One day DD you should make a best of the "Leftards shit their pants" in response to your blog. I'm sure you get some absolute classics. I love it DD. A founding member of the Brain Trust of the Great Nation of Leftardia has accused you looking to dumb to function. Not of actually being too dumb to function. Brilliant! Here we see the response of a true brain washed leftard who is actually too fucking stupid to properly insult someone that has offended their leftarded principles. Clearly a product of the NEA run public school system...

"Now children it's not nice too call someone dumb. Instead let's just say they look like maybe they are acting dumb. See children how much better that is." Bwaaaaahahahahahaha!

Oh and great post. Keep looking like you are acting dumb or are too dumb to function or whatever causes leftards to piss rivers out of their asses.
Leftardia...I love it. Another fantastic term coined by the man who creates names and terms that far exceed my creativity. You ARE the BEST at that, Molson.

Yeah... I'm waiting for KRISTA to reply to me, but I have a feeling she won't. She can't defend herself or her positions on the issues she listed.

How can anyone hold anything but contempt for any Kennedy? They are not Camelot, they are CriminalLot.
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