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Friday, January 23, 2009

Pbama's First Day Itinerary

Unreliable sources have provided me with the itinerary of the very first day in office of The Affirmative Action Illegitimate Prednint-In-Training Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior:

Noon: Woke up. Snorted coke, smoked crack. Bottomed for Michael Signator.

1:00-2:00 PM Watched rerun of The Hughleys then watched Judge Mathis on The CW.

2:03 PM Smoked more crack with Signator; then showered with him.

Told White House maid to clean up the jizz stains on the carpet. Maid replied, "I'm Michelle, god damn it."

2:19-2:37 PM: Phoned William Ayers asking him, "what do I do now that I'm in the White House?"

2:40-3:17 PM: Placed phone call to György Schwartz aka George Soros, asking him, "what do I do now that I'm in the White House?"

3:21-3:37 PM: Phone call to Osama Bin Laden: "Yo, Bro, w'sup? Don't attack us no more, leave us alone at least for the next four years."

3:38-3:52 PM: Ran nekkid through entire White House yelling, "I be 'da King, I be 'da King, fo' shizzle!"

4-5 PM: Time to watch Oprah

5:01-5:29 PM: Smoked crack

5:30-6:01 PM: Made prank phone calls to world leaders.

6:07 PM: Met with staff and cabinet. Told them "I'm in way over my head, don't know what I'm doing." Asked if federal government can be put on 'cruise control' for the next four years. Asked Joe Biden to be "Shadow" Prednint.

6:45 PM: Smoked crack, bottomed again for Signator.

7:34 PM: Played nekkid basketball with homies. Showered afterwards, intentionally kept dropping the soap.

8:55 PM: Dinner: Fried Chicken, Pigs Feet, okra, arugula and goat cheese

9:38 PM: Smoked crack with, and bottomed again for, Signator

10:34 PM-5:15 AM: Party in da House with Diddy, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Aretha, Chris Rock, Hootie and shitloads of other famous, sycophantic celebrities that consider Pbama royalty.

5:53AM: Took Seconal to fall asleep spooning with Signator.

No it isn't. It's all a joke.
Don't like it? Gee, that's a shame.
You must think that I care what you think.


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Damn, Barry is gonna have calluses IN his ass from working so hard.

By the way, That's racist!
Did you ever wonder why Malia and Sasha look nothing like Barry? Could it be because Michelle is a "beard"? I bet the real father of Malia and Sasha is Rev. Jeremiah Wright? Could be!

Naaah. It's not racist. Robert KKK Byrd..now HE'S RACIST.

Did you hear/see the "racist" comments made by Robert Reich, that "construction jobs go mainly to white males who already dominate the construction trades, many people who need jobs the most -- women, minorities, and the poor and long-term unemployed -- will be shut out,” Reich said on his economic blog."

The video of him saying that and Charlie Rangel's subsequent comments is on my blog. Hepp yourself, it is a shitstorm of stupid.
Yeah, yeah...saw that. Both Reich and Rangel are dipshits. We are so doomed for the next four years. The only saving grace is the vase amount of material they will provide for bloggers.

Man, if the Repubs/Conservatives can overwhelmingly win back Congress in 2010 and the WH in 2012 then they simply A) don't want to, B) are too afraid to make an issue of all this bullshit, C) are really the spineless RINOs that they are.
Wow. That was some kind of bottoms up day for Obomo.
Molson, you got that right. The soles of his feet were doing some major ceiling painting!! ;-)
Ha Ha that would be a dinner!! Throw in fatback and caviar and we really have something!
"Fatback and Caviar." That's the name of my new blog. Fatback and Caviar; that's fantastic.
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