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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pbama's Bin Laden Casting Call:
New Actor Needed To Play Osama!

Osama Bin Laden released another tape, reiterating his hatred for America. ABC News:

    In a direct challenge to President-elect Barack Obama, Osama bin Laden questions whether America "is capable to keep fighting us for more years" in a new audio message attributed to him Wednesday morning on an internet website.

Bin Laden also called for a holy war against Israel: BBC:

    A new audio message purported to be from Osama Bin Laden has urged Muslims to launch a holy war to stop the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip.

Oh, that Bin Laden, not a happy camper, is he? Why can't he be happy that a bi-racial man stole the U.S. presidential election?

Oh, that's right - it's because during the Presidential debate last year on October 7, Pbama said, "We will kill Bin Laden, we will crush al-Qaeda." Those sound like the words of a Warmonger, and jeepers, I thought it was only Booooosh and Cheney that were the Warmongers. Huh, I guess Pbama is a Warmonger too.

He's not my Führer.

Here is the bigger question: Will Prednint-sElect Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior choose a new actor to portray Osama Bin Laden, or will he continue using the same actor hired by the Bush Administration?

Remember, for the past six or seven years The Pbama Cultists and the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) have been telling us that Bin Laden died several years ago and that the Bush Administration hired an actor to portray him because America needs a threat and a boogeyman to scare us.

According to the Cultists and the ILCP, Bush needed an actor portraying Bin Laden in order to justify his illegally spying and wiretapping as well as gutting the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, suspending Habeas Corpus and implementing his fascist regime.

So, since Bin Laden is dead and has been for many years, will Pbama put out a casting call and audition new actors who will portray Bin Laden? Or, will Pbama use the same actor who's been playing the role for the past several years?

Don't forget this when another Bin Laden tape shows up after Pbama moves into the White House. Don't forget what The Fringe Left has told us for many years - that Bin Laden is dead and has been dead a long, long time.

The role of Bin Laden is being played by an actor. When another Bin Laden tape appears during the Pbama Administration, remember...it's all with Pbama's express permission.

Bin Laden is being played by an actor. The Left told us this, so it must be true. This will remain true after Pbama takes his oath of office.

So, who will be the actor hired by Pbama to play the role of boogeyman Bin Laden? Well, if Paul Newman hadn't died, and if Morey Amsterdam was still alive, they would be my first choices.


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So Oblowme thinks he is going to kill Qsama Bin Fuckface. Yeah right. The only thing Olbowme is going to kill is a pair of Depends when he shits himself silly when the terrorists, who don't really exist according to leftards, come for his candy ass.
Yeah, the man born in Kenya really enjoys pretending he's a tough guy, don't he? He's a arugula-eating wusswoman.

Remember, Molson, when OBL rears his head after 1-20-09, it's just an actor portraying a terrorist. Pbama will use this (just like Bush did, according to the Libs) to usher in his Fascist Pig Nation.
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