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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pbama Mother-In-Law-Moving Into
Public Housing
White House

Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior's mother-in-law Marian Robinson is moving into the White House with the rest of the Pbama family. Yahoo News via APee:

    Get ready for the in-law in chief. President-elect Barack Obama's mother-in-law, Marian Robinson, is moving into the White House at least temporarily to join Michelle Obama and the two children, transition officials said Friday.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! I suppose Michelle Pickles Pbama, the Dangerous Washerwoman needs as much help as she can get, considering she can't be expected to give up her four-times-per-week exercise and fitness routine with a personal trainer. Heck, who has time for kids when you have a personal trainer and a housekeeper?

You know the joke that's been making the rounds for a while now, right? You know what Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior is?
Come January 20, he's just another Black Man living in public housing.

"Oh, we's movin' on up,
To da White House,
We Finally gots a piece
Of 'da Pie......"

No it isn't, it's a joke.

It wasn't that long ago that I portrayed
what the White House will look like before and after the Pbama's move in.

Now Mammy Robinson is moving in. Who's next on the list to move into the White House with Pbama? Oprah? Spike Lee, Star Jones, O.J. and maybe these lovely ladies?

The persons who should be moving into the White House are Pbama's half-brother George who lives on $12 dollars a year and his Aunt Zeituni who lives in abject poverty. But Pbama won't do this because he's embarrassed by George and his Aunt. Nice guy Barry is, huh?

"He's not my Führer."

Remember, it was Pbama who said "I am my brother's keeper."

Yeah, right Barack. Just another lie from the man born in Kenya who stole the election with the help of ACORN. An ACORN worker has been indicted in voter fraud. Yeah, yeah - shocking news, isn't it?

The Libs sure know how to steal elections better than anybody, don't they?


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