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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pbama Bans Torture, Except
When He Decides To Allow It

This is rich. So rich.

The Affirmative Action Illegitimate Prednint-In-Training Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior has decided to ban torture, except when he decides he can allow it. WSWS:

    On Thursday, President Barack Obama issued executive orders mandating the closure of the Guantánamo Bay prison camp in a year’s time, requiring that Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and military personnel follow the Army Field Manual’s prohibitions on torture, and closing secret CIA prisons overseas.


    In cowardly fashion, Obama staged his signing of the orders in a manner aimed at placating the political right and defenders of Guantánamo and torture and underscoring his intention to continue the Bush administration’s “war on terror.”


    On the question of so-called “harsh interrogation techniques,” i.e., torture, Obama’s orders leave room for their continuation. White House Counsel Gregory Craig told reporters the administration was prepared to take into account demands from the CIA that such methods be allowed. Obama announced the creation of a task force that will consider new interrogation methods beyond those sanctioned by the Army Field Manual, which now accepts 19 forms of interrogation, as well as the practice of extraordinary rendition.

Extraordinary rendition? Why, The Cultists and Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) have been going batshit crazy for seven years on this. You can be grabbed off the street, for no reason at all, and flown to an unidentified Eastern European prison - with no legal representation - and be confined for as long as Pbama and his Fascist Pig Regime want to confine you. I guess this is now acceptable to the Cultists and the ILCP, but when Bush had this power? Oh, he was a Warmonger, a Fascist, he was "gutting and shredding the Constitution before our eyes."

I would imagine the Pbama Cultists are freaking out over this, because Bush did the same thing.

"He's not my Führer."


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Political Theater of the Absurd, Ted. That's what it is.
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