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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Job Cuts For All!

More and more job cuts and layoffs, all directly related to The Affirmative Action Prednint-sElect Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior and his Pbamanomics.

What -? You Pbama Cultists think employers are reacting to Bush when he has four days left in office? Bwa ha ha ha ha! Not a chance, you morons.

Employers are, and have been, laying off workers and downsizing for the past three months because they're scared poopless over anticipating Pbamanomics and his redistribution of wealth.

From Bloomberg: Hertz, AMD, Wellpoint, GE, ConocoPhillips, AMD and others cutting jobs.

From AHN: Pfizer to cut nearly one-third of sales staff.

From USAMacPaper: Delta eyes cutting jobs.

From The NY Slimes: Citigroup hit with huge losses. Citigroup? Huh...didn't they get a big chunk of federal taxpayer bailout? Wow, that bailout thingy sure helped the economy, didn't it? We should have another one. Maybe two. Do I hear three?

From PC World: Circuit City dead. Going the way of the horse and buggy.

From The Detroit Free Press: Blue Cross cites ONE BILLION DOLLAR LOSS and 1,000 job cuts.

From Wired: Microsoft eyeing layoffs.

From AFP: Gannett orders 40,000 workers on one week unpaid furlough.

But there is a silver lining. My favorite Pbamanomic-fatality is that the Minneapolis Red Star North Korean Tribune filed for CHAPTER 11 BANKRUPTCY. Wooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooo! I have to go see my doctor about this story because ever since I heard this news I've had an enormous erection lasting well beyond four hours.

Here's a hint for the MRSNKT for what will, in all likelihood, be their disappearance from the newspaper industry: Keep multi-millionaire-public-taxpayer-recipient Liberal Piece of Shit Gary Keillor on the payroll for his syndicated column. Keep your news stories and reporting to the Left of Stalin. Keep your Op/Ed page in a mode that would be the envy of Joseph Goebbels. Yeah, cater to the small 9 percenters who view themselves as "very liberal."

The MRSNKT in Chapter 11. Ah, Schadenfreude...rich, sweet, chocolaty, nougaty, creamy, fudgy, caramel, whipped cream on top, cum-shooting Schadenfreude! (Yes, yes, I know Chapter 11 is a "reorganization", not a dissolution...but often a dissolution of the entity or business follows on the heels of a Chapter 11).

This is all - completely, totally, absofuckinglutely - the result and fault of The Affirmative Action Prednint-sElect Barack Hussein "I'm still smokin' crack" Pbama, Junior.

What will the little Pillow-biting Pbama Cultists do when they no longer have Bush and Cheney to blame? What will they do?

Yep. Hope 'n Change, folks...Hope 'n Change.


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This is only good news as long as the Pelosi led House doesn't start bailouts of newspapers. Understand how much worse papers will be when they are paid by the leftist government to stay in business. Hand? That feeds?

By the way, not to talk about your junk, but if you have had a fatty for four hours, a doctor is not who you need to see. Unless said doctor is a female and off the clock.
I read your post on the newspaper bailout, Two Dogs. I wouldn't be surprised if Nanny and ReidTard at some future point looked to bailout their MSM buddies. One has to cover for the other.

I don't mean to mention my junk in my blog, but damnit, when bad things happen to Liberals or Liberal Institutions, Mister Happy gets excited and stays that way no matter what I try to do to make him return to his normal self.

I do prefer female doctors to male doctors, actually. No joke here. Am totally serious.
Is there any man that wouldn't prefer a female doctor? Preferably one that was a friggin' hot as all get out.

"'Scuse me, Doc, you wanta do WHAT? You better make it worth my while."
"'Scuse me, Doc, you wanta do WHAT?


Oh, hell YES!
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