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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dems Vote To Spend Money! Shocking!

Those Liberals...especially the fiscally conservative ones, oh, there's nothing more dangerous than a Fiscal Liberal.

Remember how Liberals preached "PayGo," when Bush was spending money?

Remember Nanny Pelosi repeating the words PayGo, I'm guessing as often as she's used the phrase, "more botox"?

We don't hear the Dems using that phrase PayGo much these days, do we?

How are we going to pay for that? Where will the money come from? Those questions no longer matter to the Democrats. The answer is always the same: the taxpayers.

The Libs passed Pbama's record-setting-billion dollar stimulus package AND NOT ONE REPUBLICAN VOTED FOR IT.

Who knew the Repubs could stick together on this? Amazing.

Remember, during the campaign, those of us who said "Pbama has a trillion dollar spending program planned," were marginalized, we were make fun of because the Pbama Cultists said, "no way is he going to spend a Trillion dollars we don't have. You're playing the Fear Card."

Uh-huh...yeah, we sure got that "trillion dollar spending program thingy" wrong.


When this stimulus fails, and it will - oh, how it will - MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER WHO VOTED FOR IT AND WHO VOTED AGAINST IT.


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There's a little video clip of Pelosi when the vote was counted and you could see the look of superiority and relief cross her "lovely" face. She is by far one of the most arrogant people in politics. Ewwww... that smell...
I am actually for the infrastructure revitalization programs but man...........I am not sure how NEA grants and much of the rest of the crud attached is going to stimulate anything.
Judging by how well Pelosi's pop did for Baltimore, I a not sure I want to see her version of the USA.
Bug, didn't see it. I could find it on youtube, but I don't want to see it. I know what Nanny is like. Maybe the superiority look was just the botox sagging under her skin?

I don't necessarily disagree with you on money spent upgrading our infrastructure. It all depends on how much and how they plan to do it. Far better for them to stimulate infrastructure repair by stimulating the private industry to do just that, and fix, repair and rebuild where needed; RATHER than the government entering the construction business.
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