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Friday, January 23, 2009

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg Out!

Another Kennedy Schlossberg bites the (political) dust!

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg has dropped her bid for U.S. Senate.

This is great news. She has no experience in public office or public service at all. AT ALL! The only thing she has is her maiden name Kennedy which she uses because without it she wouldn't have any identity. This is the classic syndrome that infects Liberals like her. She'd be a nobody going by her married name of Schlossberg, so she needs to continue using the Kennedy name in order to give her life and herself meaning and a degree of self-worth. She probably would be one of those wives who is physically beaten and abused by their husbands, who - when asked why they remain with their spouse - stupidly replies, "because he's all I have."

Schlossberg, you may recall, ranked in as Number 8 in the 2008 Liberal Piece of Shit (LPOS) Award.

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg

Even better, news has surfaced that she
has tax problems and a "nanny" issue. NY Daily News:

    Caroline Kennedy, who stunningly quit her push for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat, is dealing with a "tax problem and a potential nanny issue," a source close to Gov. Paterson said Thursday.

    "She was facing some potentially embarrassing personal issues" that came up during the vetting process, the source said, adding that the governor had decided she was not up to the job anyway.

    Kennedy cited "personal reasons" when she released a terse one-sentence statement announcing she was quitting her Senate bid.

Why, she's just like
Timmy Geithner, Treasury Secretary - a man so brilliant he "forgot" to pay his taxes and employed an illegal immigrant.

Schlossberg cited "personal reasons," - yeah, uh-huh - personal reasons...like cheating on or failing to pay her taxes and employing an illegal immigrant. Oh, those Kennedy's, they're above the law ever since the boot-legging, corrupt Old Man Joe Kennedy was a Nazi sympathizer and ardent admirer of Adolf Hitler.

What wonderful double-standard the Liberals have, huh? What a bunch of Fascist Pigs, every single one of them. They are above the law. They don't have to pay taxes and expect to be excused when caught employing an illegal alien or when they commit any other illegal act.

I guess Schlosscunt was too busy with her arduous, exhaustive, laborious two-hour work week for her charitable organization to pay her taxes or legally employ a nanny. I wonder if she provided her nanny a fair "living wage", health care and retirement benefits?

Oh, The Pbama Cultists and Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) would be barking at the moon if Schlosscunt was a Republican, but she receives the coveted Free Pass that Liberals hand out to their own. Ahhhhh, what a wonderful world full of make-believe and hypocrisy the Libs live in, huh?


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