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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Biden: "Uptick" In Afghanistan

Joe "Idiot" Biden said, "... there will be an "uptick" in American casualties in Afghanistan as the U.S. military increases its presence in that country, which he characterized as "a real mess."

A real mess, is it Joe? Why then, in your 2007 book, Promises To Keep" write the following?

    Biden fully supported a military campaign in Afghanistan, having noted that most terrorist breeding grounds were found in countries with weak governments like Kabul's. "Two weeks into the fight in Afghanistan, it was clear that the military campaign was going to be a success," Biden writes.

Why would anyone think Biden possesses the ability to accurately assess any situation?

He was against the surge in Iraq in 2007, proclaiming it doomed from the start.

In November, 2007 Biden called the surge, "fantasy."

Biden, during a VP debate with Republican Candidate Sarah Palin, said that we spend more money in three weeks on combat in Iraq than we spent on the entirety of the last seven years that we have been in Afghanistan, which was pure, on-the-moment fabrication on his part.

Biden is warning us - (ahem) pardon me, but is he Playing The Fear Card? - to get ready for an uptick in violence in Afghanistan. Where is the "withdraw from Afghanistan Crowd?" They told us if we withdrew, the violence would vanish.

Is this the same Afghanistan - The Left used to say - was the right course of action to take and that things were generally going well there for us? "I agree with Bush going into Afghanistan, but not Iraq," notable Lefties are on record of saying.

It is IRAQ, the Left said, oh, Iraq...Iraq is the quagmire, they said. The Libs used to tell us this all the time. Nowadays...not so much

Also during a VP debate with Palin, Biden said: "Our commanding general in Afghanistan said today that the surge principles used in Iraq will not work in Afghanistan."

So tell us, Joe, then what is your brilliant strategy for dealing with the "uptick" in Afghanistan?

Even Affirmative Action Illegitimate Prednint-In-Training Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior
agreed that increasing troop levels in Afghanistan is necessary: July, 2008, Obama calls for "surge in Afghanistan." McCain agreed.

Published on July 25, 2008 at the HuffPuffPoo - so it must be true! -Zbigniew Brzezinski - former National Security Advier to Worst.President.Even Jimmh Carter - cautioned against increasing troops in Afghanistan.

April 5, 2008, Biden, still declaring Iraq: a failure.

And you may have not noticed the waves of attacks and protesting preceding Biden's visit to Iraq.

But wait? I thought the universe loved us now because of our New Dear Leader?

Joe Biden has no business involved in anything more complicated than keeping track of the 8-pack box of crayons.

And he should only be trusted...

rounded children's safety scissors.

It seems so far the Pbama/Biden Administration is "staying the course" in Iraq and attempting to modify what to do in Afghanistan, but - currently - "staying the course " there as well. Remember when The Left told us that "staying the course" was a poor decision. It lack leadership. It lacked ideas from other people, other advisers, others from...oh, I don't know...from across the aisle.

Go ahead Barry...Joe, you told us you could fix everything. Do it. It's "Go Time!"


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I wonder if Uncle Joe predicted an uptick in stupidity in DC when The One came to town. If he did, he got it wrong. It's a tsunami of stupidity.
Deception to get elected seems to be a strategy. Here possibly is an answer.
At http://www.oilforimmigration.org The Betrayal, I just read articles: Barack Obama became a US citizen at 19 by rejecting citizenship imposed by his mother and I read the post Is Malcolm X Obama's Biological Father? (or philosophical father, citing numerous US and Saudi Islamic support, Syrian, German, and Russian Communist connections and supports.)

RightSideNews.com, Date Oct. 22, 2008, State of Hawaii, Andy Martin was praised
for winning court decision: There is a long form on file in Hawaii. Hawaii news says Frank Marshall Davies is biological father.

It seems he MAY be a natural born citizen officially, but by obstructing truths to come out about his birth, he has obtained the presidency by deception. There seems to be strong evidence that the birth certificate and SSS (Selective Service) registration were altered and improperly and untimely filed making that criminal and making him ineligible to be president. The cover-up becomes the greater crime, disqualifying him to be president. It seems that would be the stronger argument; and impeachment would be the better route for fraudulent records and deceiving the supporters and voters about his true background.

Should any of his appointment continue? Like Blogojevich, when you lose the trust of the people, those appointed for their strong support should not be allowed to continue.

See Barack Obama prophecies at http://www.prophecies.org

And ya know, there's so many Libs who think Biden is brilliant. They think he's some great "thinker". It baffles me.
Thank you Marie. I don't know what to say on the whole birth certificate issue any more. I hope somehow his real one surfaces and it proves he really was born in Hawaii - so we can avoid an Constitutional Crisis - or the mud will hit the fan, to put it as family friendly as possible.
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