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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The White House:
Before Pbama, After Pbama

I know The Obama Cultists won't like this one bit, which gives me even more of a reason to publish it.


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You'll be in trouble and get flak for that.
Ha Ha Ha! David enjoy this golden moment to make fun of Oba. It is only a matter of time before the media and (ha ha) rappers turn on him. After that it will be likely less fun to just join in with the throng. The funny thing about a lot of that image is not so much that it matches black/ghetto stereotypes but considering Oba has gone elitist he is surrounded by the black bourgeoisie's greatest nightmare. Poor Black folk and their trappings!
I bet if Oba tried to drink a 40oz of malt liquor (god awful crap)he would pass out. As far as that suit the only guy I know of who might where it is the Bishop Magic Don Juan.

I hope so. It took me a while to photochop that. Or did I...?

Thanks, man. I knew (I know) sharp and intelligent people would "get" the image. You nailed it and read what was going thru my mind when I thought of the concept. Absurdity illustrates absurdity, and Obama's great nightmare, as you put it. Precisely.

(Are you reading my mind telepathically?)

I found the suit Obama is "wearing" by an image search at google for the term "pimp."

We gotta grab some java soon. Will contact you as we get closer to the weekend. Thanks for visiting and commenting.
How can utterly ignorant, bigoted racism be continued to pollute the world? You single handedly speak for every blind-sighted white person who fears Black people in power. You make the stereotype of the ignorant white kids a reality. Thanks David, for being an idiot and complete tool.
Amazingly hilarious!

Thanks for the comment. It brings great pleasure to receive such a comment from someone who has obviously not applied the same standard to longtime Dem Senator Robert KKK Byrd, a true racist and bigot among us.

You too must be a racist, bigot and sexist for not supporting Alan Keyes, Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin.

Please be careful, if your mind gets any more narrow, your head could collapse.

Are you UFL? Get a fucking job.
Thanks SteadyJohn. And thanks for including me on your list of blogs that you follow.
oh - btw WhyUsODumb, how do YOU KNOW what color or race I am? I've never said if I'm black, white, biracial or other.

Now, I know you're too cowardly to reply, thus you will never respond.

Keep running around the earth, flapping your wings and "clucking."
A beautiful illustration of absurdity and social satire that BHO and his wife will never experience the financial hardships of what many African Americans know all too well. I know what you're saying, and it's far from racism.
Hi Ned.

You got it, as did others who are "thinkers". The knee-jerkers didn't. Thanks for the comment and visiting.
Nice photochopshop job DD. Very humorous to some of us at least. Man these fecking leftards never lighten up. They're about as much fun as removing a duct tape jock strap.
Where's the pitbull/rotty?
Thanks Hash, that means a lot comin' from you! Glad to see you visiting and commenting. I appreciate it.

Thanks Molson. Glad you enjoyed it.

Duct tape jock strap. OUCH!!!!!

Good idea!

A pit bull or rotty, yep, that would have been a fine addition. Didn't think of it, though. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.
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