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Saturday, November 08, 2008

When Does Pickles Pbama Get A Makeover?

All the hoopla, most of it false and manufactured...still...over Sarah Palin's wardrobe.

Here's a question for all The Pbama Cultists: when Pickles Pbama The Dangerous Washerwoman has her makeover, and she will, will you be as critical, condescending, judgmental and ridiculing of her as you are Palin?

What was up with that fright orange dress Pickles wore the other night, the one below. It looks like she forgot to remove her Halloween costume. Did that dress come with a Witchiepoo mask?

We certainly can't have Pickles Pbama, the First Black Lady Who's Never Been Proud Of Her Country Until Now appearing in public wearing dresses from discount clothiers.


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Was that outfit inspired by road kill?
Zsa Zsa's hubby is crazy. I never knew I should have been keeping my distance from Pickles in the UC Hospital hallways.
I dunno Molson. Still looks like a Halloween dress costume to me. Oh wait, yeah, okay - I see the roadkill splattered across the middle, the red. Yeah. It does look like road kill!

Yeah, Mr. Zsa is kinda loopy, but I have to had it to him for originating the phrase that Pickles is a "dangerous washerwoman." I just think it's funny and it fits.

I make no claim to not partake in sophomoric style humor, you know.
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