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Monday, November 24, 2008

Warrantless Wiretapping, FISA Spying Under Pbama Will Be Fine With His Cultists

Write this down for the permanent record: The Pbama Cultists and Liberals howled and squealed over the FISA and Wiretapping policies under President George W. Bush, but they will say absolutely nothing when their Messiah Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior runs security matters in the same way.

From CBS News:

    In August, the Nation, the country's oldest progressive magazine, published an editorial warning of "troubling signs" that Obama was reverting to a "more cautious, centrist stance," citing his vote in favor of allowing telecom companies immunity in warrantless wiretap lawsuits.

    Obama responded with an open letter to readers. I won't always agree with you, he told the lefty magazine, but I will always listen.

From The Chicago Tribune:

    Obama's turn to make terror rules:

    From wiretaps to Gitmo, he faces pressure to overhaul Bush framework without sacrificing gains made in the name of security.


    Obama and his national security advisers likely will be keeping those reports in mind as they consider reforms to the current administration's counterterrorism policies. Already, civil-liberties groups and others have compiled a "wish list" of sorts, seeking the repudiation of highly controversial tactics that have included domestic surveillance, extended detention, "enhanced" interrogation, and extraordinary rendition.

Oh, yeah...oh, yeah...come January 20, our national defense rests in the inexperienced and unqualified hands of Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior, his idiot VP Joe Biden and a bunch of leftover hacks from the Clinton and Carter Administrations.

And any "reform" done by Pbama-Biden, that does away with monitoring suspected terrorist activity, that results in a domestic attack on the U.S. - well, the blame will solely rest with Pbama Administration.

Sure makes you feel safe and secure, doesn't it?


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