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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Timothy Geithner, If He Was On Team Bush, Pbama Cultists Would Be Screaming

Are you as amused as I am, over the effusive praise, glorification and knee-bending from The Pbama Cultists over Timothy Geithner, who will serve as Treasury Secretary for Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior?

Geithner (pronounced "Guyt-ner"...why is the "h" silent?) is being hailed by Pbama Cultists as The Secondary Messiah. Well, maybe the Third Messiah because Michelle Pickles Pbama, The Dangerous Washerwoman has the Second Messiah title all wrapped up.

Here are a few items that, if Geithner were being promoted by a Republican, you would hear the Pbama Cultists screaming about.

Geithner served as the Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs (1998–2001) under Treasury [Secretary] Robert Rubin. Rubin, you recall, was one of the architects of failure for Citigroup who, on Monday, received a mega-billion dollar bailout...uh, make that taxpayer subsidy.

Geithner also served on the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR - as any good little member of the Insane Liberal Clown Posse or Pbama Cultists will tell you - is a front group for the New World Order.

Geithner also was the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the BIG WALL STREET PLAYER in the bail out of Bear Stearns. Portfolio.com by Gary Weiss:

    ...the Fed-financed bailout-cum-acquisition of Bear Stearns by J.P. Morgan Chase—a desperate move played out over four hellish days in mid-March, the most significant government intervention in the financial markets since the Great Depression.

    Geithner was the central figure in that drama. It was Geithner’s Federal Reserve bank, not the Treasury, that came up with the $29 billion loan that made the deal possible or, more precisely, acceptable to J.P. Morgan. Geithner brought the parties together, hashed out the details, and demanded answers when things got shaky. It was a heady role for a noneconomist who has, to put it kindly, only on-the-job training in the financial markets and who relies on an A-list inner circle. Officially, his advisers include the board of the New York Fed, which counts several heads of financial institutions as members. Unofficially, he has built an impressive career with the help of a number of kingmakers, including some with a financial interest in the industry he oversees.

If the above things don't have Pbama Cultists screaming - and they don't because the Cultists have their heads buried deeply up to their asses in sand, steeped in denial - then the next two items should cause what little is left of their brains to implode.

Geithner is...well, some say...are you ready? He's Jewish! (GASP!) Yeah, he's Jewish. A "Neocon!" And we all know how the Pbama Cultists and The Liberals hate Jews Neocons and loathe Israel. Why, every Jew in America is covertly working for the Israeli Government according to the Liberals and the Cultists. This is what they say when a Jew works for a Republican Administration. I can't believe The Libs and The Cultists wouldn't apply the same standard for a Jew working for Pbama. Okay, wait, yes I can understand how The Libs and Pbama Cultists would employ their unrelenting double standard in a matter like this.

Now...for the final item that should send (but won't) Pbama Cultists screaming like stuck pigs that Geithner has no business in politics. Geithner, at the young age of 24, held his first real job working for...

...oh, this should send The Pbama Cultists into apoplectic shock, but it won't...

...are you ready...

...Geithner's first real job was with Kissinger Associates working for Henry Kissinger. (Insert Sound Effects of Pbama Cultists screaming, gnashing teeth, scratching at the walls in horrified reactions). Geithner worked for Henry from 1985-1988. The insides of The Pbama Cultists must be rotting away like the flesh-eating virus over this, but they're good little obedient Eichmanns and they will never speak a negative word about anyone associated with their Cult Leader.

Yep, Geithner was employed by - and his boss was - Henry Kissinger, not to mention other government bigwigs and powerful Wall Street types (see the "Follow The Money" sections.

The Pbama Cultists will overlook all of these things because Geithner is being tapped by their Messiah Pbama aka The Obamalith. And to his Cultists, Obama knows all, he is omnipotent.

The Pbama Cultists. It's not hard to understand how the likes of Hitler and Jim Jones brainwashed a sizeable segment of the population is it? It is equally amazing how so much of what Pbama is doing is no different than what has been done over the past, almost eight years by President George W. Bush. It is the difference in the level of hypocrisy from The Pbama Cultists and The ILCP in their absolute and total reverence toward Pbama because he has a "D" after his name and Bush...well, he has an "R" after his name.

The Obamalith.
Question It Not. It Knows All. Trust In It. Do What It Says.


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