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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Steal All The H's Off Keyboards

I strongly suggest that the Bush Administration, on the last day in the White House, remove all the "H's" from computer keyboards, just as the Clinton's removed all the "W's".


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Liquid sprayed on the keyboard and screen from mouth alert. Dude, that's funny.

You know...if Bush would only have stood up for Conservatism and Republicans, and fought back more often to the smear merchanting and attacks from The Left for the past eight years. Bush did little for Conservatism or the Republican party. That is a full post in itself.

Glad I made laugh!
You are amazing guys...you are just out of this world.

While for the very first time after many years America gains dignity amongst the international community you turn your back.

What you want guys? Dont you like it that America is AGAIN a popular power?

This is the first time that America can prove its world leadership. All Europeans see hope and future in Obamas vision. Good grief guys...You had the most american election and you hate it. You gave a brand new shine to the American Dream and you hate it...


"America gains dignity"? - according to whom? Obama supporters? So what? That's only a subjective opinion.

America never failed being popular, only with those filled with Bush Derangement Syndrome the past eight years.

There is no brand new shine to the American Dream.

Explain? Heh...as if The Left is unblemished or faultless for its errors over the past eight years.

Of which are you more proud, your bias or your ignorance?
The post and the missing H key is meant to be funny. Buy a sense of humor, Obama is having a fire sale on them.
Wow. Nothing like a little political satire aimed at Fraudius Marximus to bring the trollbamas out of the woodwork. They better get use to it. Bush is going to be on the ranch not giving a shit. Fraudius will be president and he better learn to grow a thick skin fast. Just wait till he disappoints all the cultists. Oh how they will howl with indignation. Should happen about five minutes after Fraudius is sworn in. Oh and I wonder how all the Euro-pussies will like it when Fraudius unilaterally rewrites every trade agreement. Canada and Mexico can get some of that action too. Yup. Fraudius promised the world and will only be able to deliver a bag of shit. Now that's something to be proud of. NOT!
Well, Molson, you state it well. There's nothing like a Sore Loser, and The Pbama Cultists are shining examples of this.
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