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Monday, November 24, 2008

September 11 Halloween Hijinks

Funny, funny stuff...yes?

Full story and photo credit: The Dirty.com

I first read about the story below at the Bugdrivel blog, a fine blog with whom I've exchanged reciprocal linking for a long, long time.

Here's what Bug wrote:

    Take a minute to view the photo in the link [...] and tell me how much it makes you laugh. Go ahead... check it out.


    Question: How is it that since this woman knows someone who died and she thinks it was a conspiracy it's okay to joke about those who died?

    Another Question: Would she dress up to look like her aunt's killer if she were killed during a home invasion? What if her aunt was run over by a train... would she dress up like a train?

    This isn't a way of honoring someone you love... it's a way of mocking their death and saying you don't really give a damn.

Please note the representation of people jumping from the "costume" of the asshat dressed as one of the Twin Towers. Is that funny to anyone?

I believe Bug became aware of this story
via Gateway Pundit's post, "Tasteless Halloween Costumes of 2008."

To the best of my knowledge, it is The Dirty.com that first brought widespread attention to this story. The preceding link to The Dirty links to the blog of the girl dressed as the airplane. (I won't link to her). Her blog says that she is a journalism student.

I'm sure she'll have many offers from the MSM and usual alphabet cable networks, after all, they pretty much treat September 11 in the same manner.

Hopefully, the photo will haunt Lil Miss Airplane for the rest of her life in every job interview she has.


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It still makes me angry!

Thanks for the cross-posting... I felt like such a celebrity being quoted. :o)

What I will never understand is how anyone can think that there will be "enough time to pass" in order to feel comfortable with this type of "humor".

It should make anyone with the slightest objectivity and smallest amount of human compassion angry. Which, of course, answers the reason why those that participated in the event, and The Libs, remain pretty much unaffected by it. They hate America and consider 9/11 happened and we are to blame. This is how those idiots think...or believe...whatever.

Like I commented at your blog last week, I'd like to be Ellie for a day or a week so as to forget about all this poltical, bailout and just generally depressing news for a while. It'd be hard to type with paws, but then that's the whole idea of being Ellie for a while! ;-)
Oh yeah. That's fucking hysterical. It ranks up there with feeding battery acid to puppies or throwing bricks off of over passes during rush hour. I'm sure her murdered aunt would be proud though and it's all OK because it was just a neo-con conspiracy. We all know the war on terror is fake and all so this is just split your colon funny. Maybe they can all go and piss on the graves of 9-11 victims just for laughs. It's just so funny. Fucking idiots.
Right on, Molson. The fucktards will have their day. They will have their day. And I won't have one ounce of sympathy for them when it comes.
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