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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Prednint Obama, Obammy, Pbama, The Kenyan Prednint...So Many Choices!

So many choices and names to call Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

Prednint-Elect Obama. Obammy? Obamalamadingdong? The Kenyan Prednint?

For now, I guess I'll just call him Prednint-Elect Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

Prednint Hussein al-Obama?

Or, maybe Prednint Pbama, in the same manner the origin of Pwned, since we will all be owned Pwned by the government.

Geez, it's some kind of sick and twisted reverse slavery on his part and on the part of the Liberals. Well, to borrow and paraphrase Hillary Clinton, The Liberals want to run Congress and America as a plantation. Now they can. Pbama, Nanny Pelosi and Harry ReidTard are the New Slavemasters...although I also like the term Marxmasters.

Prednint-Elect Obama promised free stuff. Where's mine? When do I get my check? Where's my money?

Does The Whole World Love Us Now?

Have terrorists and criminals laid down their weapons forever?

Here's a phrase to practice saying: "He's NOT my prednint."

Try saying it, it's fun! G' ahead, G' head: "He's NOT my prednint."

Pretty fun, huh?

Almost 56 million Americans voted against Prednint-Elect Pbama. Unity?!? Unity my arse.

Welcome to Prednint-Elect Pbama's Marxist America!

Prednint Pbama's Inauguration, January 2009

Hey, you know how The Left is, it's no secret. Look at the rage and hatred projected at Bill and Hillary Clinton from the Insane Liberal Clown Posse and The Obama Cultists. It's only eight years ago most of these same Liberals were crying their eyes out that Bubba was on his way out of the White House. "If only he could have a third term," they whined. Seven years from that time, The Left turned on Bill and Hillary and they loathe them.

This is not a rare or uncommon attitude or reaction from The Far Insane Left. There will come a day when Pbama is treated by The Hardcore Left no different as they now treat Bill and Hillary. The Left will turn on Pbama, it's only a matter of time. I'm not saying anyone should feel sorry for the Clintons or Pbama, far from it. I'm simply describing how The ILCP operates and behaves. Pbama will some day be ousted by The Left for the newest, shiny object. Count on it.


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