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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pbama's Trickle Up. What Trickle Up?

Welcome to another installment of the continuing saga, "How Pbama Screws The Taxpayers."

Bizjournal: Auto Bailout a Bad Idea.

Citigroup On The Brink, Despite Government Rescue. Oh, yeah, this should make everyone feel comfortable.

Pbama Advisers say [Bush] Tax Cuts May Stay. Oh...this is rich. One, the story is from the New York Times - the Holy Grail of Liberalism - so IT HAS TO BE TRUE! Two, Team Pbama keeping the Bush tax cuts in place will roil the Cultists who think that the Bush tax cuts benefitted only the wealthy.

Of course, anyone familiar with the FACTS knows that the Bush tax cuts HELPED EVERYBODY, from median income earners to blue collar workers and those in the lowest income brackets. Please, Cultists, do not believe me. Do your own research. No, better yet, do what you always do and deny the facts. God or [insert Deity of your choice here] forbid you look up something that disproves what you want to "believe." Prefer to believe in falsehoods and fabrications. Why start believing in facts now, huh?

Where is the trickle up? That's all Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior and his Cult Followers talked about during the campaign trail. Now, we don't hear that catch-phrase, no; it served only to sucker in the SUCKERS. The morons of America who buy lies and campaign promises made by The Man Born in Kenya.

All Pbama has done recently is support the bailouts of corporations, multi-multi millionaires and billionaires.

Good Christ, if John McCain hadn't had the election stolen from him and he was supporting trillions of dollars in bailouts as Pbama is supporting, the Pbama Cultists would be screaming until they didn't have any vocal cords left. But, since The Man Born in Kenya thinks bailouts are the greatest idea since smoking crack cocaine, bailing out rich Wall Street and CEO-types is perfectly fine with The Cultists. As I've written before, Pbama could drink the blood of a newborn infant on live television and they wouldn't breathe one critical word.

Trickle up? What Trickle up? Pbama is doing nothing different than that evil Republican President George W. Bush has done. Where is the outrage from the Pbama Cultists and The Insane Liberal Clown Posse? As always, they remain dutifully silent, saying nothing. Inwardly, they know their Messiah is a fraud, a charlatan a fake, a phony...a false prophet. But hey, the only thing that mattered to these people is that he's not Bush, he's not Cheney and he's not McCain.

Did a poor person offer you a job today, one that pays a living wage (whatever that is)? Did a Welfare Queen hire you as a housekeeper, as an electrician or as an accountant? Did a poor person qualify to receive a loan from the Small Business Administration and start a company that provides jobs, fair wages and benefits? No? These things didn't happen, you say? Huh...isn't that how Trickle Up is supposed to work? Look, I'm not being critical of the poor and the indigent, they need all the help from all of us - from the government, charitable organizations, places of worships, private industries - that they can get. What I'm saying is that it is unlikely, far far far unlikely, that economic prosperity doesn't come from the bottom up.

If, as Liberals say, Trickle Down doesn't work, maybe some Einstein Liberal out there can precisely explain to me how Trickle Up will work and how it perform so effectively. Come on Einstein Lib, I know you're reading this. I bet you can't answer my question, can you? Go ahead, give it your best try and add your brilliant comment.

And then we have this defining moment in Liberalism: the day will come for Pbama when he will have no choice but to order the U.S. Military into battle. The silence from the "war is always wrong," and the "war is never the answer" crowds will be deafening. I'll be here to remind everyone that The Pbama Chocolate Chips - Malia and Sasha - aren't in the Military fighting overseas just as The Libs reminded us about the Bush daughters. Sometimes smugness just feels so good, doesn't it?

Pbama is nothing more the quote from the Fielding Mellish character - and I only slightly paraphrase the quote - Woody Allen played in his film, "Bananas:" "Pbama is a travesty. [A] travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham."

The other amusing saying the Pbama Cultists tell us is that
"it's time we all come together and support our Prednint-Elect," that if we don't blindly, obediently and dutifully support him they say we are "un-American" and "Traitors." Hmmm, where have I heard this before? Does it sound familiar to you, too?

Sorry, F-ckTards, but you exercised your Free Speech - most of it Hate Speech - over the past eight years. The same will be applied to your Fraudulent Messiah by me and many others. If you don't like this, I suggest that you DIAF.

I have news for the Pbama Cultists and the ILCP: In case you haven't yet gotten it through your thick, dense, brain-less heads; I plan to treat Pbama exactly like The Left has treated Bush and Republicans over the past eight years.

The above does not apply to traditional, Centrist, Moderate and Objective Thinking Democrats; only to the Pbama Cultists and The ILCP. Enjoy your next four years, it's all you're going to have because after Pbama and his sad-sack Administration stocked with Clinton reruns, the Conservative movement will return in full force.

Finally, I must throw this item right smack into the face of Pbama Cultists and the ILCP. The Left has spent most of the past twenty or more years demonizing cigarette smokers. The worst, filthiest habit imaginable is cigarette smoking they tell us. Disgusting. Terrible. Why, cigarette smoking is worse than drug abuse, The Left preaches.

And now, your very own False Prophet is a nicotine addict. So addicted is Pbama to cigarettes he has publicly stated more than once that he cannot quit. Really now, you have to love the Liberals, for without their rank and obvious hypocrisy, there would be no subject matter available about them of which to write.

The Pbama Cultists and ILCP have dug themselves into a hole of criticism and critique for their political opponents that will be applied right back onto them and their False Prophet. In some ways, January 20th can't get here quickly enough.


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Oh, my, I've finally found a republican less intelligent than George Shrub. I had quite a few laughs reading through not just this entry, but your archives. What terrifies you so much about things outside your (quite narrow) world view?
Oh, my, I've finally gotten a comment from someone with less the combined intelligence of every Liberal Piece of Shit ever born/died.

Hey Joey, nice try on explaining "Trickle Up." Oh, wait, you didn't explain Pbama's Trickle Up Economics. Hmmmmmmmm...I wonder why you failed.

"Narrow view"? You mean like the narrow view held by so called "tolerant" and "big tent" Liberals? The kind of non-narrow view that lets Libs embrace polticial differences like, oh, I dunno....JOE LIEBERMAN? You mean that kind of non-narrow view?

See Joe, you don't know what your talking about. You hold those of whom you disagree with politically to entirely different standards than you do your fellow Liberals. That's called denial and selectivity. Either you hold them all to the same standard - as I do and have - or you're a Liberal. And you're a Liberal.

I am pleased my blog elicited such an intolerant comment from you. It shows the world that Liberals really are nothing but pieces of shit.
The amount of hatred on this blog is sad, irrespective of one's political views. Now more than ever is a time when we need to work together, and I don't see anything in this blog that would help anyone move towards a positive future. Wouldn't it be better to accept that Barack Obama was elected, move on, and see what you can do to help during this time of crisis, rather than spread your hate?


I don't have to accept Pbama as president any more or any less than the whining liberal pieces of shit accepted or rejected Bush.

"Move on..." Bwa ha ha ha! Yeah, like the Left has moved on?

Nope. Pbama gets the same treatment as Bush gets.

I'm not spreading hate. Only Liberals do that. I'm spreading caustic satire. If you don't like it, don't visit my blog. It's just that simple.

I don't see anything in this blog that would help anyone move towards a positive future.

LOL! That's the same thing I've been saying about The Left for the past eight years! Bwa ha ha ha ha!

Clean up your own house before you start telling others to clean up theirs.
My house is clean. Come see for yourself.

As for the economic theory, we are in a situation unprecedented. Any number of economists have said this. That being so, *no one* knows what is going to work and what isn't going to work.

That said, we gotta ride the horse we have. I see nothing to be gained by "caustic satire" in the midst of a crisis. Would you be doing standup on the Titanic?

You remind of of that person--we all know at least one--who insults you to your face, then says "I was just kidding." No you weren't.

We are in deep shit. If you can't work a shovel, then at least don't annoy the neighbors who are doing their best.
Dr. Ellis L. (Skip) Knox,

Are you the above Anony commenter?

we are in a situation unprecedented.

No...we're not. You're saying we are worse today than during the Great Depression? Sorry. Not buying what you're selling.

*no one* knows what is going to work and what isn't going to work.

Sure we do. We know that reducing captial gains and individual income taxes results in greater revenue for the government. We know Socialization or Nationalization doesn't work. Otherwise you can list the countries where Socialism has proven to be a resounding success story.

I LOVE CAUSTIC SATIRE and suggest if you don't, you probably shouldn't be reading my blog.

at least don't annoy the neighbors who are doing their best.

Awwwww. I don't remember the Lefties holding back for the good of the country, the economy or the Military.

Take it like a man, Doc. You dish it out, get ready to take it. (I don't mean you personally - at least not to any great extent - I mean The Rabid Left in general.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.
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