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Friday, November 14, 2008

Pbama A Drag On Financial Market

It's not that these three are plotting to destroy the economy.
They'll do it without even trying.

Since the outcome of the presidential election last week, the U.S. Stock Market and World Markets have reacted with fear, and rightly so, to the economic policies of Prednint-Elect Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior.

Pbama combined with Speakeress of The House Nanny Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidTard are indeed to be feared by the global market. All three are Marxists, all three are hard-line Liberals, all three believe that growing and expanding The Nanny Government and onerous and excessive regulations on private enterprise are the only solutions to any problems.

The Market perception of Pbama certainly isn't helping the Market perform as it has in past post-election cycles. U.S. News:

    After six of the past seven presidential elections, according to Strategas Research, the Standard & Poor's 500 has risen between Election Day and the last day of the year, notching an average gain of 2.6 percent. [So far this hasn't happened. We'll know by December 31. - Drake]


    ...it's tough to tell, given all the questions about the economy and what policies Obama and the new Congress might pursue. While the once frozen credit market is slowly picking up, for instance, America seems to be slipping into the worst downturn in perhaps a generation. Will the Obamacrats still push for higher taxes, or might they leave rates where they are and "go for growth" with the Mother of All Stimulus Packages, perhaps equal to or greater than the $700 billion Paulson plan? If so, will ginormous budget deficits spook bond investors, sending interest rates higher and offsetting any positive impact from the stimulus? Remains to be seen.


    Since 1948, the total return of the S&P 500 has averaged 15.6 percent with a Democrat in the Oval Office vs. 11.1 percent with a Republican, according to research firm Trend Macrolytics. Yet policies are more important than parties. Bill Clinton (free trader, capital-gains tax cuts, balanced budgets) and JFK (another tax cutter) could be considered Republicanesque in their policies. Richard Nixon (wage and price controls) and George H. W. Bush (tax hikes) were not. Flip those guys into the opposite columns, according to the firm, and you find that the market is up an average of 14.7 percent under the GOP and 10.5 percent under the Dems.

Well...if the Markets continue reacting to Pbama as they have most recently, soup lines and food shelf programs will be booming.


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There was a rally of the Dow today of 552.59, and that came right the second after Paulson said that they were going to redirect the 700 billion dollar bailout. I think that he means the government is about to buy GM. They kinda depend on those Humvees, you know.
Oh, I was hoping no one would point that out. Dang! You're cutting into my Pbama bashing with facts and I just won't allow that!
(you know I'm teasin' ya!)
Naw, don't worry about it, spBarney spFrank made a statement after the market close today saying something about putting something tubular in his rectum and that they were not going to let Paulson do it. The bottom is going to be fun tomorrow.

I just need the Dow to get below 7400 and I win a 5 dollar bet with my financial wholesaler. He lost his first one today when it got below 8000 at noon.
TD - so your shorting the market eh? Why, I may have to start callin' ya the George Soros of Mississip!
I have no money IN the market right now, I went cash last October and got the money the hell out the country. Call me Nostradamus.

I just have bets with a buddy of mine on how bad the market really is. I can never make myself short stuff that I know is bullshit, otherwise I would already be retired on the backs of idiot, moron, Democrats (I know that was triple redundancy!) that can't afford the houses that they bought. I would have been following AIG and Lehman around in that case.

Dang I wish that I could find that article I read last night about that. It was amazing. I'll keep looking.
You know I was just ribbing you.

I do wish I would have bought oil when it was $60/barrel and then sold when it hit $130. I have the shittiest foresight (and the worst luck) of anyone when it comes to this stuff.
You want insult? I could have bought MP3 at twelve bucks two weeks before it went public. It went to 328 before noon on the first day. I threw up all day long for a month straight after that.

SkyTel was another I missed, rather DECLINED, like the fucking moron that I am.

Feh, I was heavy into Vanguard Total Market until October 2007, then I bailed. I feel like a God today, since it is worth 1/6th of what it was then.
Man Two Dogs, it sounds like I should be hiring you as my financial planner!
David, please notice of the three things that I mentioned, I bought exactly ONE. I am AS good at picking money makers as I am at picking SEC footbaw. Which to cut things short, I suck at it.
Okay, TD. I withdraw my consideration of you as my financial planner. But maybe there's a place for you in Pbama's Admin as Treasury Secretary? ;-)
Yee-haw! I'm rich!

Well, if you have any pull at all with the Obamoron and can get me that job.
Like I'd have any pull with Pbama after all what I've written about him here? Heh...
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