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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Obama's Aunt Zeituni Onyango Is An Illegal Alien Who Donated To His Campaign

Oh...if what you're about to read happened to any Republican candidate or politician The Left would be screaming, howling and lobbing the worst kind of insults and personal attacks imaginable. They would politicize it faster than they could say, "It's Bush's fault!"

"See, see...this is how John McCain takes care of his own aunt. She lives in poverty and he doesn't help her at all. AND - get this - SHE'S AN ILLEGAL ALIEN!"

You remember Barack Hussein Obama, Junior's Aunt Zeituni Onyango, right? She was discovered living in poverty in Boston just a few days ago. So much for Obama "taking care of the less fortunate among us," huh?

Zeituni Onyango

Now we've learned that
Aunt Zeituni is living illegally in the United States. Yep, she's an illegal alien. AFP:

    Barack Obama's White House campaign said Saturday it was returning a small donation from his Boston-based Kenyan aunt after questions were raised over her US immigration status.

    Aides said Obama had not been in touch with his late father's sister, Zeituni Onyango, 56, for at least four years, and questioned reporting about her residency status so close to Tuesday's election against Republican John McCain.

    Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt said the campaign was returning 265 dollars donated by the aunt to her nephew's White House bid.

    Foreigners cannot donate money to US presidential candidates. But aides refused to say whether returning the money was an acknowledgement that the aunt was an illegal alien.

    "Given the information that has been brought to our attention, the contributions are being refunded," LaBolt said in a statement, without elaborating.

What a fine, upstanding nephew Barry is, isn't he? He's going to take care of all of us just like he takes care of his aunt and his half-brother George who lives in abject poverty in Kenya.

Hope And Change, folks, it's all about the Hope And Change.


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Obama doesn't seem the least bit interested in some of his relatives, but claims he can lead the United States. What a joke!

Keep going strong for McCain in these last few days! Internal GOP polls shows McCain coming on strong in Blue States!

BTW, I have already voted here in Northern California for John McCain. Me and my children stand and wave U.S. flags, YES ON ballot 8 for traditional marriage, and McCain-Palin signs for a few minutes almost every day. Many people here in Northern California (I think it may have been 87% in my county that voted for Mr. Bush Jr.) are honking their horns, waving and giving us the thumb up sign. It is very encouraging.

It’s like GOP House Minority Leader John Boehner said, don’t EVER give up!

If YOU and I show enthusiam, people will take notice and respond.

Many people fail to understand that when a person takes some kind of stand, people are forced to react to that stand, whether one way or another. But if no stand at all is percieved, then momentum is maintained for the particular prevailing flow, whatever it is.

Take as an example me and my kid’s enthusiam shown through our willingness to publically and happily encourage others about our belief about the presidential election and the prop issue. Since many hundreds of people have seen us, many may become encouraged enough to talk to one or more people about it, with some possibly getting pro-McCain signs or putting a McCain bumper sticker on their vehicle. These reactions can cause still other reactions, which cause still other reactions, and so forth and so on.

Some people who might not otherwise vote could decide to not only vote, but get someone else to vote with them. Some people who were going to vote for Obama now may either vote for Mr. McCain, someone other than Obama for President, or not vote for President. Some people who were going to put an Obama sticker on their vehicle or other item may change their minds, while other Obama supporters who were enthusiastic, may tone down their support for Obama, causing more reactions.

This is how Movements are born, things get changed, and how Mr. McCain can become President of the United States.

All hands on deck and man the stations for battle! Sound the alarm and STAND UP FOR JOHN McCAIN!
John McCain spent 22 years - five and one half as a POW - in service to his beloved country in the military. He stood up for America and is an American HERO!

Stand UP! for a great American hero and a corruption-fighting Governor of reform!

Stand UP! and be counted with those that stand up for truth, America and a reformed Washington DC!

Let their be no mistake as to whose side you are on, and wear your McCain button on your clothing to show your support for what is good for our country.

McCain-Palin<——-don’t hang around foreign OR domestic terrorists, racists, antisemites or crinimal slum lords, or want to shove a $1,000,000,000,000 dollar risky, socialist, welfare redistrubution plan on an economy in recession, causing it to fall into a deep DEPRESSION!
You are correct, Denny.

For months I've been saying I'm sitting this election out, but the closer we get the more important I realize it is. I have my issues with McCain, and am sick and tired of having to vote for the lesser of two evils - not that I think McCain is evil, I don't. But I do think Obama's policies are.

So I've reconciled and tell myself that "I'm voting FOR PALIN." And that's what motivating me.

Thanks for an inspirational comment, Denny. You're among the best bloggers anywhere.
wow livivg in a country in a low income but was nice enough to give a little money what a story I could see if she was living on fifth avenue shopping at gucci at lease she gave back and non citizen cant give money but they can cheat on taxes most illegals dont pay taxes the work while there girls get welfare if they have baby wow now thats a sad story
We know you're just a hillbilly racist.

The point of your comment, if you have one, is lost on me.
Sarah Stalin,

Ha ha! "Sarah Stalin" - that's funny. Wow. Did your rabid ferret think of that for you or did you pop several blood vessels in your head thinking of that one?
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