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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hillary Clinton As Secretary of State
And A Whole New Pbama Administration

Wow, I have to hand it to Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior. Gee, I regret not having voted for him. He sure is the Messiah of Change, isn't he? He sure is naming brand new, previously unheard of, people to serve in his Administration.

News reports say a Hillary Clinton will be Pbama's Secretary of State. Who is she? Has anyone heard of her before or know anything about her? She sure is a brand new name in the political arena, isn't she? And this is just what Pbama promised; a new vision, change and some hope. Wow, what a guy. Like I said, I regret not voting for him.

So who is this Hillary Clinton? Do we know anything about her or what she's done prior to being named as Secretary of State? Does she have any political experience? What's her claim to fame? Why, she's a mystery woman, she is. Plucked from nowhere, she has apparently avoided appearing on the radar screen and now will serve as Secretary of State. This should make the Women's Rights crowd proud, maybe someday they might even have the chance to vote for a woman presidential candidate.

Oh...damn...wait...hold on. Hillary Clinton, yeah...she's the one who came under sniper fire in Bosnia. Well, she's obviously a brave soul and avoiding sniper fire certainly more than qualifies her as Secretary of State. Heck, some might even say running serpentine and avoiding sniper fire over-qualifies her as being Secretary of State. Will I be required now to refer to her as Madame Cuntess?

He's not my Führer.

There's a whole bunch of other brand spanking new people that nobody has ever heard of too, that will serve in the Pbama Administration.

The prime example of Pbama bringing in new people and new faces was his selection of this Joe Biden - I think that's his name, Joe Biden - as his Vice President. Who is he? Is he new? This Joe Biden is brand new to the Washington political scene, at least as far as I know. He's as fresh as a newborn babe popped out in the delivery room.

There's this guy named Rahm Emanuel who will be Pbama's Chief of Staff. I bet he's a nice, even-tempered guy who will work in a bipartisan fashion. No one has ever heard of him until now. Everyone says he's the nicest guy, definately not the type of person who mails a dead fish to someone he dislikes.

Then there's this chubby fuck named Bill Richardson - who's he, anyone ever hear of him? - and he may be in charge of the Commerce Department. Rumor has it he has virtually no political or financial experience at all. Again, no one has ever heard of him. He's a regular Everyman, ain't he, managing to stay completely under the radar.

Another person who has steered clear of appearing on the radar is this feller called Tom Dasshole. I've never heard of him, but I bet he too is an even-tempered, bipartisan type O' guy. He's going to be the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Rumor has it he's not a bitter individual or one who would seek political revenge against his opponents. He's not a lobbyist either, nope, no ties whatsoever to lobbying, which is great because Pbama promised he would never appoint someone with ties to lobbying in his administration. It's good that Pbama is keeping his promises, yes?

I'm sorry Barack, that I didn't vote for you. Clearly you are the House Negro of Change by bringing all these new people into the Federal Government. I have to hand to The House Negro. He sure knows how to pick and choose fresh, well tempered, experienced and qualified people who have no ties to lobbyists and who are not entrenched political hacks to govern rule us.

Congratulations to all the new, fresh people who will serve in the Pbama Administration. It's good to bring in new people and new ideas. Remember, even if the new ideas are bad it doesn't matter because what matters is that they are new.

You know, if Liberals and Pbama Cultists weren't so f-cked in their thinking, why, you'd almost think they were human. Or at least distantly related to mammals.


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