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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Election Turnout NOT Biggest In Decades

The Left and The Pbama Cultists are acting like the election was the biggest evah. It wasn't. They're lying. I know, I know...when aren't they?

From The New York Times:

    Curtis Gans, one expert on voter turnout, indicates in a new report that based on preliminary, conservative estimates, the turnout among those eligible to vote will be in line with those of 2004 or at most, 1 percentage point higher. Why? This year’s numbers are almost a “mirror” image of the last presidential election; this time fewer Republicans went to the polls and more Democrats turned out.

From al-Reuters:

    The anticipated record turnout of voters in Tuesday’s U.S. election did not materialize, with the percentage of eligible Americans casting ballots staying virtually the same as 2004[.]

The youth vote "explosion" this year, something purported by The Pbama Cultists, is pretty much a figment of their imagination. From Prospect.org:

    In 2004, Americans aged 18-29 made up 17 percent of the electorate. Tuesday, they made up 18 percent -- only the slightest of gains. Compared to senior citizens, young people are still voting in numbers lower than their percentage of the population at large.

And there you have it, The Pbama Cultists and The Insane Liberal Clown Posse trying to pass off what they want to "believe" - that the turnout for Pbama was huge - as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Wrong, it wasn't. And the youth vote? Likes always, they preferred doing bong hits and watching The Cartoon Network rather than the arduous physical task of voting. And considering the choice of candidates this year, really, who can blame them?


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In some areas even the Black voter turn out was far from super. Georgia for example, narrowly won by McCain had a whopping 30% of eligible Black voters show up to polls. Up from 25% in 2004 but still well under half the national rate. Just awful.
Yeah, some areas had higher than average turnout, some areas were lower than expected. But in no way was the election the biggest turnout in decades the way the Pbama Cultists would like everyone to beleive.

Hey, check out this story regarding Pbama's forced volunteerism, you'll like it:

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