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Monday, November 10, 2008

Classless Pbama

Well, one thing we know for sure is that Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior has no class. None at all. His thuggery and low-rent behavior shines through clear as day. Oh, his Cult Followers believe he has class, but he doesn't. He's just a pig in a decent suit. And even a pig in a decent suit is still a pig, lipstick or not.

Pbama showed the world his lack of class when he remarked in his Friday press conference about about Nancy Reagan holding seances in the White House.

Oh, his loyal, obedient Cultists will say that he phoned Mrs. Reagan and apologized, but that's neither here nor there.

Class is never having to apologize in the first case. This is something Pbama will never know and never realize. He can't even learn this because he's too arrogant, too filled with hubris and elitism. Pbama isn't fit to clean the horse manure from the stable floors of the Reagan's ranch.

As for joking about Mrs. Reagan supposedly consulting with astrologers, big deal. Many people put belief in astrology, man of them the Liberal Hollywood Elite and not-so-Elite believe in it. Once again, Pbama couldn't even get his facts straight. Astrology is not the same seances.


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If you will recall, there was a First Lady that held seances in the White House, she wanted to contact Eleanor Roosevelt. That First Lady's name was Hillary Clinton.
BINGO! But Pbama can't criticize her because she's a fellow Marxist.
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