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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Wall Street Gives More Money To Dems

How many times have you read at a Liberal blog or site how evil Wall Street is and how George W. Bush is in their pocket and blah, blah, blah, Republicans get money from Wall Street, Wall Street supports those evil rich Republicans, blah, puke, blah, blah?

Well, far be it from any member of the Insane Liberal Clown Posse or Obama Cultist to ever get something correct, they are once again proven wrong by facts. "Facts...what the fuck are those," ask Obama Cultists?

So guess what? Wall Streeters give way more cash to Democrats than Republicans. Business and Media:

    Based on media coverage, conventional wisdom suggests Wall Street would favor Republican Party candidates when donating to campaigns. But that’s not the case.

    According to the Center for Responsive Politics Web site OpenSecrets.org, out the top 25 political contributors for the 2008 election cycle, nine were Wall Street banking or investment firms, including the now defunct firm Lehman Brothers. Employees at eight of those nine firms gave more money to Democratic candidates – nearly $17 million to Democratic candidates versus only $11 million to their Republican counterparts. That’s 60 percent for Democrats to only 40 percent for Republicans.


    Even when companies outside the top 25 are counted, Democratic support is strong. Out of the top 100 political contributors for the 2008 election cycle, 16 were Wall Street banking or investment firms, including Bear Stearns. Employees of those 16 firms gave more to Democratic candidates – $22 million versus $16 million to GOP candidates. That’s 58 percent for Democrats.

Isn't it amazing how facts always disprove what Obama Cultists and Liberals want to "believe"?

A question for the Obama Cultists: Don't you get tired of being wrong all the time? Does it bother you that you are made to look like the fool in a city of fools every time you type at the keyboard? By comparison, Obama Cultists make the Village Idiot out to be a rocket scientist-brain surgeon.

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So this follows the idea that the Republican base is rich, and the Democrats represent the poor right?
So the Republicans must keep their rich friends rich to stay in power right.
And conversely the Democrats will need to keep the poor, well, poor?
Yes, Molson, it seems like the only way Dems can keep control is by taxing and spending us into the poor house. And the Dems keep getting richer from rich Dems giving to them. Must be nice work if (A) you can get it and (B) if one has no moral compass or values.
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